Will Gen Z make the flip phone the hottest gadget of 2023?

Flip phone - Hand holding device

Move over disposable cameras, because “vintage” cell phones are back on the rise. Gen Z absolutely loves to love technology and fashions from the mid-1990s and now they’ve turned their attention to the flip phone, cellular tech first made popular by millennials. These devices are small, lightweight and are typically extremely inexpensive compared to smartphones. As the flip phone returns to popularity among people in Gen Z, some large retailers have been selling them as inexpensively as $20. They’ve been heavily seen on social media as young people take pictures…

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YouTube comments cleanup attempt launched, giving trolls a timeout

YouTube Comments - Person using YouTube

Users whose abusive comments violate community guidelines will be suspended for 24 hours. A new rollout has begun in an effort to help control the growing toxicity in YouTube comments, particularly in terms of those violating community guidelines. The platform had previously used tools such as popups in the hopes of keeping interactions “respectful”. The improvement the YouTube comments environment had previously taken more subtle approaches, but the company has now added a touch more assertiveness to their angle by applying warnings and timeouts. If abusive YouTube comments are detected…

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Artificial intelligence model accurately predicts novel drug compound response in humans

Artificial intelligence - Medication - AI

The length of time needed from a drug’s creation to its FDA approval is an exceptionally long one. A new application for artificial intelligence in the development of therapeutic compounds has the potential to one day help to reduce the amount of time needed for a new drug to receive its approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The current path takes more than a decade and can cost close to a billion dollars. A CUNY Graduate Center research team has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that may substantially…

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Satellite technology is removing methane from the atmosphere

Satellite technology - Earth

We tend to think of this tech for its uses in communication but could also help reduce GHGs. Satellite technology is well known for bringing us TV signals, providing our location for GPS, and many other communication purposes, but now they are also helping to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) from the atmosphere. In a project first thought up in the early 2010s, the tech is helping to remove tons of pollutants. The satellite technology in question was first thought up by Stéphane Germain, who lived near Montreal, Canada. At first,…

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Starlink internet service is now in Antarctica

Internet service -ac World - Internet - www

The SpaceX polar service is undergoing a new test at the McMurdo Station. The Starlink internet service constellation from SpaceX is receiving a remote-service test at the highest level, as it is now being trialed by researchers at McMurdo Station in the Antarctic. The service is currently viewed as having high potential for helping to connect the world. Many look to Starlink as a way to ensure that people living in rural areas and in other communities that are underserved by technology will be able to gain high-speed internet service…

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