Samsung smart ring places a focus on sleep data

Smart Ring - Samsung Galaxy Ring - Surpring Features - Image Source - TechTalkTV YouTube

The new Galaxy wearable device was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress before its release.

Following a tiny mention at the tail end of the Galaxy S24 event in early February, Samsung officially unveiled its smart ring at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The latest unveiling went well beyond the brief tease originally announcing the device.

Samsung has now made the announcement of its smart ring, a Galaxy device, official.  The gadget will be offered in US ring sizes 5 through 15. That said, on the commercial products, those sizes will be sold as small (S) through extra large (XL), which will be based on (and marked on) the inside of the ring.

Smart Ring - Different Ring Choices - Samsung Galaxy Ring - Surprising Features - Image Source - TechTalkTV YouTube
Samsung Galaxy Ring – Different color choices – Image Source: TechTalkTV YouTube

The appearance of the device includes a concave shape tapering in the center as opposed to the Oura Ring’s more convex appearance. The Galaxy device will be available in three different colors.  Consumers will be able to choose from the options of ceramic black, gold, and platinum silver.

The smart ring will be able to track several things but will be focused on sleep.

The device will be able to track a wearer’s breathing rate, heart rate, and night movement, and will be capable of detecting early indications of sleep apnea.  Samsung is marketing the wearable technology as a Galaxy Watch companion device, boosting the quality of the health and activity tracking all day and night.

Additionally, the new wearable technology device is able to calculate a wearer’s Vitality score based on several different tracking factors, including daily activity, heart rate variability, resting heart rate and sleep.  Users will have the option to choose from among a number of wellbeing goals and can use their Booster Cards to obtain progress feedback within their Samsung Health application.

At first launch Samsung’s Galaxy smart ring will only be compatible with the brand’s own Galaxy smartphones.  That said, the company does have intentions to broaden compatibility to other devices running on Android at a later date.  By the time this article was written, no specific details regarding prices or the date of compatibility with non-Galaxy devices had been disclosed by Samsung.

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