Google faces Play Store antitrust suit from several US states

Google Building - Play Store Lawsuit

There have been four American lawsuits of this nature over the Android app shop in the last year. State attorneys general are once again pursing Google with an antitrust suit over its Play Store, alleging an abuse of power over Android application developers. This is the fourth suit of its nature lodged by US state governments in the last 12 months. This lawsuit’s target of the Play Store means that the states have sued Google’s business with the greatest similarity to Apple’s. The App Store has faced its own fair…

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Will you wear a Facebook smartwatch next summer?

Facebook smartwatch - person wearing smartwatch

The social network’s first wrist-worn gadget will reportedly launch midway through 2022. A Facebook smartwatch is slated to roll out in the summer of 2022, according to a recent report published on The Verge. This is not the first report that the company was working on the wearable tech, but it did add a timeline. Media reports in February had already hinted that at Facebook smartwatch was in the works and that over $1 billion had already been spent on the project. That said, this new report has added details…

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QR codes simplify renewable hydrogen fuel awareness

QR codes - Hydrogen Fuel News Merch Store - T-Shirts

The new HFN store has added quick response codes to its merchandise to make it easier to share information. Hydrogen Fuel News (HFN), an online magazine focused on the latest in renewable energy headlines, has added QR codes to the merchandise it sells in its new store. The purpose of the barcodes is to make it easy for people to share information about H2. The QR codes are found on the sleeves or back of the neck of the shirts in the HFN store, as well as being strategically placed…

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QR code name verification system launched in Taiwan

QR code name verification - QR Code displayed on mobile phone

The country has added the quick response barcodes to its real-name registration system. Last week, Taiwan’s Cabinet announced a new QR code name verification feature to help simplify the real-name registration system. The idea is to make it faster and easier to provide accurate contact information using a three-step process that is supposed to take only five seconds to complete. The real-time confirmation of a person’s true identity is meant to help in slowing the COVID-19 spread. One component of the Level 3 restrictions currently in place in Taipei and…

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MIT generates real-time 3D holograms using artificial intelligence

3D holograms - M.I.T

This new AI based method could be used for virtual reality, 3D printing and other applications. A new method using artificial intelligence has allowed researchers at M.I.T. to be able to generate 3D holograms in real time. When used for virtual reality, this method may help to reduce the sense of nausea among users. Among the reasons that virtual reality has yet to become mainstream is that users often feel sick from the current experience. Despite the hype around VR technology, TV screens, computer monitors, and even smaller screens such…

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