CommerceTel Corporation announces its selection as the UFC mobile tech partner

Ultimate Fighting

Award-winning proprietary mobile marketing solutions and technology provider, CommerceTel Corporation, has announced that it has been selected by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in order to provide mobile marketing strategies for device users, such as text alerts, voting, and initiatives for in-venue and in-broadcast special offers. The UFC is currently the sports organization with the most rapid growth worldwide, providing the top events for mixed martial arts (MMA) that are available to nearly one billion homes around the globe. The UFC was first broadcast on network television in November 2011,…

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Constant Contact takes on mobile marketing to an entirely new degree

Mobile Marketing

Constant Contact has announced that it will be embracing mobile marketing to a much greater degree with a new partnership with DIDMO, the developers of the Magmito cross-platform solution for mobile app creation. Though it wasn’t too long ago that the primary focus of the teams at Constant Contact was on services that provide email marketing, the company has now widened its potential and its offerings so that it will have the opportunity to achieve much more significant growth than their customers – past and present – may have expected.…

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Facebook announces partnership with Bango for mobile payment services

social media marketing

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, has announced that an agreement has been signed between it and Bango, and analytics and mobile billing company based in the United Kingdom. The technology at Bango concentrates on an increasing consumer market of smartphone owners who use their devices to access the internet and who are using their devices more frequently for making purchases and other online transactions. The white-label products from the company are able to collect mobile payments for the purchase of online services and content, and can also…

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UK study shows only 20 percent of corporate marketers have a website that was mobile optimized

Mobile Commerce

  An mobile commerce study performed in the United Kingdom is showing that corporate marketers are finding it challenging to meet the demands of their consumers when it comes to the mobile channel. The survey was performed by a digital communications business called Episerver, and included the participation of 200 marketing execs and 1,000 consumers in order to discover their attitudes regarding mobile marketing. The survey determined that among consumers in the U.K., 57 percent own smartphones. Among those smartphone owning consumers 73 percent have used the device to browse…

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iLoop Mobile joins Google GoMo to offer solutions and services for the mobile web

Google News

Mobile marketing services and solutions industry leader, iLoop Mobile, has announced that it has partnered with Google GoMo in order to provide companies with superior options, resources, and tools that will allow them to “go mobile” and take advantage of marketing for the mobile environment. The GoMo initiative by Google is one that is designed to assist companies to communicate with consumers by way of their mobile devices. There are a number of different services provided by GoMo, as well as industry resources and information that will make it easier…

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The most common mistakes made in mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been evolving at a speed that is unknown in advertising, so it should come as no surprise that mistakes are being made by even the most skilled marketers. Among them, the most common are the following. It is important to learn about them so that they will not be repeated. • Failing to meet compatibility requirements – it is extremely effective to offer QR codes, text messages, and emails that will provide mobile device users with access to videos, websites, apps, and other types of content, unless…

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Hotels boost mobile and social marketing budgets for next year

Mobile technology Marketing for Hotels

As hotel owners and chains recognize the rapid global increase of smartphone usage, they are beginning to invest a significant amount of money and resources into the creation of mobile websites and other mobile marketing strategies in order to take advantage of the desire of these consumers to book their accommodations by way of their mobile devices. A recent study performed by the top worldwide hotel revenue generating solutions provider, TravelClick, half of all hotels intend to direct a greater amount of their marketing budget toward mobile marketing and websites.…

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Vital elements of mobile marketing to be revealed at the IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit

Mobile Marketing Event

At his IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit seminar on August 30, 2011, Dan Hollings will be speaking about the best ways with which to build a business using mobile marketing techniques. Dan Hollings is widely considered to be a marketing renaissance man in Hollywood by big business and higher education, and is consulted for the best marketing strategies and blueprints in the world. ABC News has referred to the marketing campaign that Dan Hollings created for the film “The Secret” as one that will “go down in history as the…

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Quality control needed in mobile marketing campaigns

Mobile Marketing News

There is no doubt that QR codes have become a powerful tool in business-to-consumer marketing and social media. Since their arrival in the U.S., the codes have coasted to popularity thanks to their relative ease of use and access. Their simplicity is beguiling, however, as one mistake could mean the difference between a working code and a useless one. According to Bert Moore, director of communications for AIMGlobal, a global trade association for automatic identification, says that misuse of QR codes is on the rise and if marketers do not…

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Media company creates a winning mobile campaign

QR Code Contest

There have been many interesting uses for QR codes in the past. Regardless of how innovative the ideas might be behind some mobile marketing campaigns may be, they all rely on one simple thing: Participation. Without participation, QR codes are little more than black and white blocks taking up space. Consumers have gone beyond the point of rewarding their attention to companies that use QR codes, due partly because people now know what they are. Given this knowledge, companies have to find ways to return the favor by rewarding consumer…

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