QR codes find their way into India’s club scene with mixed results from consumers

QR Code Tracking

QR Code Tracking

QR codes are making their way to the clubbing scene in India. The Turquoise Cottage club in Delhi has begun using the codes as away to keep track of patrons. This is a new environment for QR codes, as they have been mostly used in marketing and promotion. Clubs regularly use stamps to keep track of visitors, especially those that are not of legal drinking age. The concept of interactive stamps is quite alluring to clubs as they will be able to use these stamps to engage patrons in a new way.

The stamps are used to provide visitors with discounts at the bar. The codes can also be used to contact a local taxi service for those unable to drive themselves home. When scanned with a smart phone, the code resolves to a mobile website that provides a number of tips on how to cure hangovers as well as additional information for the club.

Consumers have had varying experiences with these codes so far. Because they are stamped on skin, it is easy for the codes to be smudged, which will make them not work properly. Because of this, it may be somewhat difficult to justify this particular use of the codes, but the Turquoise Club believes they will be an asset to patrons in the long run.

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