3D QR codes launched by savvy businessman

retail 3d QR codes

A new project called “Get a Round TUIT” was created by a craft artist and digital decorator. Mark Herring and his business associate, Hal Mandelman have now come up with unique 3D QR codes. These are a part of their most recent project called “Get a Round TUIT.” They provide a type of quick response code, which Herring calls a Matrix code. That barcode will provide local businesses with a new opportunity for growth and customer retention. The 3D QR codes have been designed to be considerably different from the…

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Cool QR codes make for cashless carwashes

cool qr codes carwash

A Canadian company providing self-serve wash bays has used quick response codes as an alternative to tokens. A new system of cool QR codes makes it possible for drivers to wash their cars without the need for exact change. At Valet Car Wash in Cambridge, Canada, customers previously needed to use change to buy tokens. While they can still use cash to use the self-service carwash, they now have the choice to use smartphones, too. The quick response codes were chosen due to the ease and affordability of their generation…

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Branded QR codes added to GOQR generator tool

Perspective book series branded QR Codes

The quick response codes are in black and white as well as in color and allow for logo and image incorporation. Branded QR codes are becoming more readily available. They may become the key to overcoming one of the main criticisms of quick response codes: ugliness. Traditionally, they are exclusively black and white pixilated squares. GOQR generator has become the latest QR code creator to incorporate images and logos. The GOQR generator has joined a number of other services that are now allowing for branded QR codes. These can help…

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QR code surprises Mr. Robot viewers during season two premier

mr robot qr code confictura industries

The two hour opening episode of the second season included an unexpected interactive component. With a remarkable lack of technology use in the two hour second season premier of Mr. Robot, the QR code came as a surprise. This quick response code served as an unexpected interactive component. It was revealed as an Easter egg for the show’s most loyal viewers. The quick response code appeared when the character Elliot was drawing in a notebook. The QR code can be seen among the scribbles that Elliot (played by Rami Malek)…

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Resident Evil 7 QR code may offer more clues

Resident Evil 7 QR Code in mirror - Biohazard

A quick response code found in a mirror is among the latest hidden clues popping up in the game demo. A Resident Evil 7 QR code has become one of the very latest clues being released in the demo of the game. Many of the clues have been challenging to find, but gamers are loving them. They’ve become a worthwhile challenge. Other clues found within the game include hidden voices as well as reversible audio. The maker of the game, Capcom, has gone to great lengths to ensure players use…

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QR codes on toddler shoes steal the spotlight at Geneva Inventions Show

QR codes nail stickers child parent hand

When you take into account that other exhibits included a lovemaking couch, that’s quite an achievement. One exhibitor at the Geneva Inventions Show did a great job of featuring the potential of QR codes, this year, as the toddler shoes appeared to draw even more attention than a sofa that could automatically transform into a surface better designed for spur of the moment hanky-panky. The toddler shoes featured quick response codes designed to help bring lost kids home again. There were more than 750 exhibitors at the Geneva Inventions Show…

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QR codes help promote fitness among high school students

Mobike qr codes bicycle

A new program featuring quick response codes is designed to encourage the youth at Mount Stromlo High School. Students at Mount Stromlo High School in Australia are now taking part in a program that uses QR codes to help to encourage them to take on a larger amount of physical activity in their daily lives. This is a novel way to use quick response codes, which are traditionally seen in print advertising. At the school, around 70 students have been walking or riding their bikes to school in order to…

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QR codes enhance “Return of the Native” art exhibit

qr codes unique

Troy Kinney Kelley’s sculptures and paintings use quick response codes to inform and educate. Artist Troy Kinney Kelley from Wichita has brought a number of his sculptures as well as his paintings to the Kemp Center for the Arts’s NorthLight Gallery and QR codes have come along with the “Return of the Native” exhibit that will be running right through May 14. The sculptor and painter is hoping to use several styles and methods to bring a realism to his artwork. That said, the exhibit is designed to bring together…

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QR codes help Arkansas elementary students share history

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

A group of classmates are now using quick response codes to bring local history to the world. In Texarkana, Arkansas, a class of students in College Hill Elementary School are working to share the area’s rich history with the rest of the world by way of QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones. The idea is to place the spotlight on the local historic sites that are central to the past of Texarkana. In order to accomplish this, the class has been working on attaching QR codes to the…

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QR codes guide hikers along the Korean Hallasan trail

nature trail tree qr code plaques

The quick response codes are meant to help to inform walkers and keep them safe along the way. Throughout the entire length of the Dullegil Walking Trail located along the forested slopes of Mount Hallasan, there are now one hundred signs featuring QR codes that can be scanned by hikers along the way. The route covers a length of 80 km (about 50 miles), and the signs can be found all along it. At the launch of the QR codes, only 60 kilometers of the trail is covered by the…

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Student in Japan creates chalk QR codes for random URL choice

Ryutaro Nonomura japan politician qr codes

The pupil used clear artistic skill to create the quick response code on a chalkboard, but without much direction. A student in Japan has gone to a considerable amount of effort and has used a significant amount of time to meticulously create QR codes on a classroom chalkboard, and despite the considerable achievement of creating this barcode by hand, the URL to which it was linked caused him to face a notable amount of criticism from peers. Quick response codes are usually digitally generated and printed out because of their…

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