Smart phones may just be the health care industry’s new best friend

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There is a rising demand for NFC technology among health care workers in the United Kingdom. Advanced Health & Care, an IT management firm that provides health care services, has reported a massive increase in demand for their iConnect application. The application was designed for home care professionals, but it is becoming popular amongst emergency responders and other health care workers.

Company officials believe that the growing popularity of the application is due to the growing NFC market.

iConnect allows workers with NFC-enabled mobile devices to receive real-time information wherever they may be. Schedules and appointments can be sent and received through the application and, in AH&C’s case, office staff can connect with each other at the touch of a button. Home care workers can fill out reports or update information using the application as well, as NFC tags are located in a patients house.

AH&C claim that the application can net efficiency saving as high as 20% by making paperwork obsolete. NFC is incredibly versatile and allows workers to send and receive information quickly without having to rely on other mediums.

Mike Garrod of Carewatch South Midlands, a health care service provider, recently started using iConnect. In a little over four weeks, staff productivity rose exponentially. “iConnect gave use the flexibly to adapt to the changing needs of the social care market,” he says.

It seems that NFC has a purpose beyond contactless payments.

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