NFC technology Happy Table launched at McDonald’s

McDonalds NFC Technology mobile payments

The feature uses enabled stickers to produce a digital experience through customer smartphones. Although many McDonald’s locations around the world feature a Playplace where kids can run around and play before or after they eat, but now there is a higher tech option being launched with kids living in Asia in mind and that uses NFC technology. Enabled stickers have been introduced to create a whole new in-house experience for the restaurant’s smallest customers. The NFC technology using stickers are meant to help boost the experience for kids in some…

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NFC technology and QR codes increasingly used in combination

nfc technology and qr codes

Near field communications tags are being used more often along with quick response barcodes. Advertisers, particularly in the area of tourism, are using NFC technology and QR codes in combination with one another in order to make more information available to tourists with smartphones. The use of these two technologies is being seen more often in a number of places around the world. This is particularly true among the tourist information opportunities that are available in outdoor advertising. Both QR codes and NFC technology tags and stickers are being applied…

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Mobile commerce made more approachable by iKaaz

Mobile Commerce

New mobile commerce system launched by iKaaz Mobile commerce is still considered by some to be in a state of infancy. This is true, in many cases, especially where vendors are concerned. Most modern mobile commerce efforts are based around the use of NFC technology, which allows for the transmission of financial information over very short distances. NFC-enabled devices, especially point-of-sale terminals, are in short supply, however, making the adoption of mobile commerce somewhat complicated for several industries. iKaaz, a developer of mobile payment solutions, aims to solve that problem.…

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NFC stickers introduced in Germany to fill void in mobile commerce

NFC Technology

Company develops NFC stickers to make mobile commerce more inclusive Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a financial services and security company based in Munich, Germany, has introduced the first payment sticker that complies with the specifications of the German banking industry. The sticker makes use of NFC technology and is designed to be used with smart phones and other mobile devices to turn them into payment platforms. Using the stickers, consumers can make purchases using their mobile device rather than physical currency or a credit card. NFC stickers may address the…

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Good2gether launches pilot project to aid non-profit organizations


Non-profits could benefit from use of NFC technology Software startup Good2gether is preparing to launch a pilot project in its home city of Boston, Massachusetts, this summer. The initiative is geared toward non-profit organizations and aims to give these organizations the ability to reach out to consumers using NFC technology. Many consumers have become enamored with NFC because of its interactivity. New smart phones that are capable of interacting with the technology are being released into the commercial market, making it possible for more consumers to engage in the NFC-based…

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U.S. companies turn to Tagstand for NFC deployment


NFC marketing may need a kick start in the U.S. NFC is a big part of mobile marketing today. The technology has become a favorite of advertisers looking to reach out to consumers who are tethered to mobile technology. As a marketing tool, NFC has become quite popular in the European and Asian markets. This popularity is driven by a rampant interest in mobile technology and interactivity in these parts of the world. In the U.S., however, NFC marketing is somewhat staler. This is leading some businesses to turn to…

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Identive unveils engaging color magnet and NFC tag stickers


NFC tags bring a whole new meaning to window shopping. RFID industry security and identification product and service provider, Identive Group, Inc., has unveiled its latest product line for NFC tags, which includes magnets and NFC window stickers that allow for more engaging, entertaining, and high-impact consumer experiences. The new Identive NFC window stickers are created to allow for check-ins with social media and coupon apps, as well as information pick-ups. These stickers are high resolution, doubled sided, and full color, and are created through a unique process that allows…

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NFC and QR codes to help mobile marketing grow to new heights

Mobile Marketing

  Interactive mobile marketing is becoming more important as consumers grow more mobile. Smart phones and other such devices have enabled people to enjoy a constant connection to the Internet no matter where they may be in the world. Because consumers are becoming less sedentary, static marketing may no longer be the best options for companies launching new marketing campaigns. Attention is being drawn to technologies like NFC and QR codes, but some companies believe that these are nothing more than a novelty. A new report from Smith’s Point Analytics,…

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The NFC Forum expands accessibility of the N-Mark symbol


NFC Forum News The NFC Forum, a non-profit association that works for the progress of NFC technology, has announced that its N-Mark symbol is growing in popularity. The N-Mark was introduced in late 2010 and serves as a special marker for certified NFC-enabled mobile devices. The NFC Forum has worked to standardize the symbol in an effort to provide some stability to the emerging industries of mobile commerce and NFC technology in general. Due to the rising demand for NFC-enabled devices and technology, the organization has decided to expand the…

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WiST unveils new sensor technology that could bring more security to mobile commerce and other industries

NFC techology app

As mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity, more technology companies are working to create new security measures for the industry. WiST, a wireless technology firm, has unveiled its latest sensory tracking devices that use NFC technology. The company claims that these new devices could improve the security of a variety of different ventures, including health care services, asset management, and banking. The company says that it could also help stop rhino poaching. WiST sensors are, essentially, NFC tags. As with NFC tags, the WiST sensors can take a variety…

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