Appmosphere launches new app based on NFC technology

NFC techology app

NFC technology is the cornerstone of new application Appmosphere, a developer of mobile applications, has announced the launch of its REACH NFC application. The app will primarily be used at restaurants in Minneapolis, specifically Northeast Social stores that are quite popular throughout the city. Appmosphere and Northeast Social have worked together in the past. This new venture could change the way people interact with Northeast Social, however, as it leverages NFC technology to provide consumers with a new experience. App provides information about Northeast Social Using the application, those visiting…

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App developers showing favor for NFC technology

NFC technology mobile commerce

Survey shows that developers are considering NFC technology to be a high priority Evans Data Corporation, a leading market research firm, has released the latest results of its Mobile Development Survey. At least twice a year, the firm polls mobile developers around the world, collecting data to form insight on the emerging trends that are shaping the development landscape. This year, the Mobile Development Survey shows that NFC technology is becoming a major priority among applications developers. Many of these developers are beginning to support NFC throughout the platforms, with…

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MasterCard released PayPass SDK for app developers

NFC Mobile Payments Mastercard QR Code PayPass MasterPass

MasterCard continues to show support for NFC technology Most of the world’s major financial institutions have shown their support for NFC technology. MasterCard is no different, but the credit giant has been more conservative in its approach to the technology than its competitors. NFC technology is most commonly associated with mobile commerce, a growing industry that has the potential to change the way consumers make payments for goods and services. The popularity of the technology has been marred by concerns regarding safety and efficiency, causing many in the financial services…

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Spotify updates application to support NFC technology

Spotify app with NFC technology

Spotify app gets a high-tech update Acclaimed digital music service Spotify has announced an update for its Android mobile application that will allow it to take advantage of NFC technology. Now, those with the Spotify application will be able to access a variety of NFC-based features that have been included into the “Audio Effects” portion of the app. Spotify is the latest digital service to show support for NFC technology and believes that it may provide a more enjoyable experience to consumers. App will let users share music The updated…

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NFC protocols could be causing mobile security problems

Mobile Security

NFC technology itself may not be the problem Mobile security has been a cause for concern for as long as mobile technology has existed. While some consumers and organizations have been more vocal with this concern than others, many agree that mobile security is beginning to become a dire issue. Hacking has recently become an idealized practice, with many hackers being likened to modern day Robin Hoods. NFC technology has become a prominent subject in the world of mobile security. Symantec, the world’s largest computer security corporation, has been keeping…

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Mobile commerce gains momentum in India

India Mobile Commerce

Yeldi Softcom introduces araeTap mobile application Yeldi Softcom, a subsidiary of the Yeldi Group that focuses on the development of telecommunications technology, has launched a new NFC application called araeTap that is meant to help grow the mobile commerce industry in India. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity in the country as the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices expands. Yeldi Softcom believes that the time is right to introduce new NFC applications in order take advantage of the growing interest surrounding mobile commerce. Company expects to see success in…

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Smart AV teams with Poken to utilize NFC for events and conferences

mobile payments partnership deal

Partnership aims to highlight the various uses of NFC technology Smart AV, an audio visual and interactive technology company, has announced its partnership with Poken, a leading developer of touch-based technologies used for events and marketing campaigns. Poken has worked with large companies, such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft, leveraging NFC technology to help these clients reach out to consumers closely connected to mobile technology. NFC has become a very prominent technology in the realm of marketing, but it can be applied in a number of other ways, a notion that…

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Narian Technologies to launch online SDK for the development of NFC applications

mobile commerce services

NFC technology is grabbing more attention as the days go by Mobile commerce is becoming more popular throughout the world. As this new industry gains momentum, more attention is being drawn to NFC technology. NFC is the driving force behind mobile commerce as it allows mobile devices to be transformed into payment platforms. The technology allows mobile devices or other platforms to communicate and send information wirelessly and without need of physical contact. In this way, NFC is very similar to radio frequency identification technology, though requires close proximity. App…

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Smart Card Alliance forms the Mobile and NFC Council

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Newly formed organization aims to promote awareness of NFC technology The Smart Card Alliance, a non-profit organization that works to promote smart card technology, has announced the formation of the Mobile and NFC Council. This new organization aims to raise awareness and promote the adoption of NFC technology and its associated applications. The Smart Card Alliance claims that there are more than 100 million NFC-enabled smart phones available today, most of which are not being utilized because of the lack of NFC services and applications. The organization hopes to address…

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May brings new mobile wallet trail to New Zealand

New Zealand mobile payments

Companies join forces to test NFC technology May has arrived, and several New Zealand companies have come together to mark the occasion by launched a new mobile wallet trial. Telecom, Auckland Transport, and Westpac have joined with Gemalto, Thales, and Paymark to launch an initiative meant to examine the viability of mobile commerce and NFC technology. Part of the trial will concern the uses of NFC with Auckland’s public transit system. Later tests will be conducted regarding how mobile payments can be used to refill prepaid cards from Telecom. Coalition…

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