Prioritize security during the holidays

Mobile Phone Security NFC Technology

Mobile commerce security may need more attention The holiday season has arrived and that means that a lot of shopping needs to get done. Many people are opting to do their holiday shopping from their mobile devices this year, taking advantage of the some of the special offers that are being provided by retailers with an interest in mobile commerce. Some people are choosing to avoid physical stores, shopping instead directly from their mobile devices. Others, however, will be using their devices in-store in order to find the best deals…

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App developers showing favor for NFC technology

NFC technology mobile commerce

Survey shows that developers are considering NFC technology to be a high priority Evans Data Corporation, a leading market research firm, has released the latest results of its Mobile Development Survey. At least twice a year, the firm polls mobile developers around the world, collecting data to form insight on the emerging trends that are shaping the development landscape. This year, the Mobile Development Survey shows that NFC technology is becoming a major priority among applications developers. Many of these developers are beginning to support NFC throughout the platforms, with…

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NFC technology proves to be a liability in Asia

nfc technology security in Asia

NFC technology becomes a popular target for thieves NFC technology has been receiving more attention recently due to the rise in popularity of mobile commerce. NFC is not a new technology, but it is still relatively young when compared to other types of mobile technology. Before NFC was being used in mobile commerce, it was being used in credit cards as a way to facilitate contactless payments. Now, NFC is beginning to attract the attention of malicious groups that are eager to steal a consumer’s financial information. Digital pickpockets becoming…

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NFC technology based keys can be securely shared

NFC technology key

  QR codes can be used to securely send virtual keys that are stored on smartphones to other devices. Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has just launched an NFC technology access control system that will allow keys to be securely shared through the use of QR codes. The system uses near field communication technology that is sent to a registered user’s enabled device. The keys are issued to the users by the Key2Share server. They are sent directly to the NFC technology equipped smartphone of a registered user. Once…

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Mobile security partnership formed among U.S. Government, IQT and Tyfone

nfc technology Mobile Security

NFC technology will be at the center of the strategic investment and tech development deal. Tyfone, a mobility software and NFC technology solutions provider, has just entered into a mobile security agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT). IQT is a nonprofit that discovers new and innovative technology solutions for the American government. According to the IQT technology vice president, Jay Emmanuel, “Tyfone has an impressive patent portfolio and history of innovation in mobile financial, secure ID management, and NFC solutions”. He added that “We believe that Tyfone’s technology has the potential to…

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