NFC technology marketing campaign gives Barbadillo a shot in the arm

wine nfc technology marketing

The Spanish winemaker is using near field communication tech in its latest consumer-focused effort. Spanish winemaker Barbadillo is working with Thin Film Electronics ASA to use NFC technology marketing to engage consumers via smart products such as smartphones. The goal of the campaign is to provide a more interactive and informative experience for consumers. The NFC technology marketing campaign employs the near field communication tech in the form of SpeedTap tags added to 126,000 “smart” bottles from Castillo de San Diego. The products were added to shelves nationwide and will…

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WhatsApp QR codes, NFC and links added in new update

whatsapp qr codes

The long awaited quick response codes and other methods of group invite have now launched. The most recent update of the beta version of the popular mobile messaging app has included new WhatsApp QR codes, links and NFC contactless features. A quick forward media sharing button was also added to the newest version. The link sharing option not only lets users send a link invite out, but also revoke it. The ability to revoke the link that was sent is important as it helps people to withdraw the invitation if…

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NFC tags and QR codes make it onto Jones packaging

NFC tags technology

A new packaging solutions partnership with Tuku has added quick response codes and near field communication tags. Jones Packaging has partnered up with Tuku, a mobile marketing specialist, in order to add NFC tags and QR codes to its packages in order to make them mobile friendly and able to share information, messages, offers and promotions with customers. This type of strategy is becoming increasingly commonplace as print packaging and mobile marketing combine. This addition of QR codes and NFC tags will make it easier for both pharmaceutical and consumer…

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WhatsApp QR codes and NFC tags may soon be the key to group invites

qr code stamp card

The hugely popular messaging app is working with quick response codes and near field communication technology. WhatsApp QR codes have now become the very latest announcement from the tremendously used mobile messaging app, following a seemingly endless line of additional features and news that have been added to this application. This is among the most recent changes being made in order to differentiate WhatsApp even further from Line and WeChat. At the moment, the announcement being shared by the media is only in the form of rumors but sources connected…

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UK iBeacon Startup Linktagger joins Uber Paypal and HP at Europe’s biggest Hackathon

UK Based Internet of Things startup Linktagger have been chosen as API providers to the largest Hackathon in Europe along side companies such as Uber, Paypal, HP and Alcatel. Linktagger will provide teams of hackers across Europe with access to its Physical Web platform. Connecting physical objects to the Internet using unique URL’s, hackers can deploy iBeacon and NFC tags as physical gateways to online content, services and create real world automation. Linktagger founder Liam Winder said “Its fantastic to be chosen to represent UK tech startups in the Hack4Europe…

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Album cover t-shirts use QR codes for music downloads

QR Code T-Shirts

The technology allows for the scan of quick response codes or tap of NFC technology by shirt buyers. A unique new program has been developed through a startup established by a husband-and-wife team, in which they are selling t-shirts that come with QR codes and NFC technology tags that can be used by customers to download the album that matches the cover image on the shirt. The Musical Ts allow for a one-time download of the album onto a smartphone or other connected device. The idea behind these t-shirts with…

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QR codes and NFC tags help in sharing home WiFi connections

QR codes frame

A number of technologies are being used to be able to give guests the ability to connect to a network. Being able to share a WiFi network connection with guests is becoming an increasingly commonplace but it isn’t always a convenient activity, so new technologies using QR codes, NFC technology, and other options are coming along to simplify the process. Today, it is nearly out of the question not to be able to share WiFi with houseguests, regardless of how many are visiting. QR codes and NFC technology are becoming…

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NFC technology enabled devices rise in popularity

NFC Technology - card reader

This technology is starting to build confidence in security and its usability makes it practical for the Internet of Things. NFC technology has how been available in several generations of smartphone – though it is only just now being added to the next Apple device, the iPhone 6 – and now it is starting to become more popular among consumers, as well. Recent research has suggested that it is coming out on top when it comes to the mobile payment market. The research was conducted by Frost & Sullivan. That…

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QR codes give famous public statues a voice in London

qr codes stalking statue isaac newton

The quick response codes are being used along with NFC technology to help the statues to talk. London is known for its large number of public statues, and through the use of mobile devices in combination with QR codes and NFC technology, those pieces of art are now able to speak to the people who are viewing them. In a unique and rather entertaining project, some of these famous statues now have words to say. The project commissioned a number of well known writers to come up with the words…

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NFC technology based mobile marketing lifts Pepsi’s sales

nfc technology chip

This new high tech campaign has allowed consumers to use their smartphones to take part in a promotion. A pilot mobile marketing campaign was recently conducted by PepsiCo through Rehrig Pacific, a logistics company, using NFC technology to encourage shoppers to scan a tag in order to take advantage of a discount offer when purchasing one of the brand’s products. The smartphone user simply needed to tap their enabled device on one of the soda bottle display trays. This use of NFC technology provided consumers with instant access to a…

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QR codes and NFC stickers are central to a London cab company campaign

taxi Octopus qr code tracking

Quick response codes and near field communication tags are now being used to promote taxi app downloads. One of the largest cab operators in London, Radio Taxis, is now using QR codes and NFC stickers on its fleet of approximately 2,500 vehicles in order to promote its smartphone app and encourage a larger number of consumers to download it. The use of these stickers automatically directs mobile device users directly to the app’s download link. By either tapping the near field communication enabled stickers or scanning the QR codes, the…

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