Absa expands NFC technology trial

NFC Technology mobile payments

NFC technology trial sees expansion in South Africa Absa, one of the largest banking groups in South Africa, has announced the expansion of its NFC technology trial. The trial was initially launched in December of 2011 and involved 500 of the bank’s staff. The trial was meant to examine the benefits of NFC technology and its uses in mobile commerce, specifically where money management is concerned. These funds could be used to purchase products at participating stores throughout South Africa. Absa aims to deploy 4,000 NFC-enabled terminals by third quarter…

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NFC technology could greatly benefit QSRs

NFC Technology mobile payments

Near field communications could make fast food restaurants a speedier experience for consumers. The entire experience of the quick service restaurant (QSR) is based on being able to obtain a meal very rapidly, and although things have slowed down a bit over the years, NFC technology could provide the necessary tools to make this process speedier. Near field communication could allow mobile payments to be complete with a simple tap of the device. This is vitally important in QSRs, where every second counts, regardless of whether the customer has ordered…

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NFC technology from CalypsoKey unlocks doors for iPhone users

QR Code NFC technology Door Lock

  Though Apple devices have yet to be enabled with near field communications, a new case may make the difference. Much of the mobile industry was very surprised when the iPhone 5 was released without being enabled with NFC technology, which many consider to be among the latest standards for contactless communication. Near field communication gives devices the ability to accomplish many goals with a simple wave or tap. Several mobile payments companies have based their entire lines of service on NFC technology. It is present in the most recent…

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NFC technology adopted by US Bancorp

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

US Bancorp embraced NFC technology for mobile commerce U.S. Bancorp, the parent company of U.S. Bank, has announced that it will be testing NFC technology for a new service being made available to iPhone users. The financial services company has been keeping track of the advent of mobile commerce and believes that the time may be right to begin looking into ways to engage mobile consumers in a new way. The test represents an iPhone case and application that are meant to appeal to consumers interested in mobile commerce. New…

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NFC technology patent could be used by Sony to block used game sales

Sony wearable tech NFC technology

The video game company may use the chips to inhibit the resale of used PS4 discs. Whether it’s a sign of the times or it is just a sign of the penny pinching that has become a trend in the video game industry, Sony has just received a new NFC technology patent that would allow it to keep its PlayStation 4 games from being resold as used discs. Though the use of this ID technique is only speculation, the facts are strongly leaning in that direction. Many gamers wait for…

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NFC technology to continue growing in 2013

NFC techology app

NFC technology to take steps forward in coming year NFC technology is gaining ground in more than just mobile commerce. The technology has long held the interest of businesses and consumers for its capabilities in data sharing and communication. NFC technology can effectively serve as a bridge between a company and a consumer, using nothing more than a mobile device to keep this connection strong and vibrant. As 2013 approaches, the capabilities and reach of NFC technology are expected to expand significantly. Consumer Electronics Association predicts the growth of smart…

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NFC technology enabled smartphones may be the new car key

Car NFC technology key

Hyundai has revealed that it is looking to replace its standard locks with those operated by mobile devices. Auto manufacturer, Hyundai, headquartered in South Korea, has announced that it is working on a keyless entry system for its vehicles, based on NFC technology. This could mean that car keys will be redundant in as short a time as two years from now. The engineers at Hyundai have developed a new form of NFC technology that will allow a smartphone to lock and unlock their vehicles simply by waving the device…

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NFC technology combined with SIM cards to be unveiled by Du

NFC Technology

The near field communication announcement is expected to occur within the first half of next year. Executives from Du, a UAE telco provider, have stated that NFC technology will become a standard feature in smartphones within that country within the first half of next year. This is expected to open up a range of important opportunities for businesses in many industries. The release of NFC technology on such a vast scale throughout the country could also considerably improve the likelihood that mobile wallets will take off in the UAE. This…

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NFC technology marketing and payments in China to favor VeriFone

verifone nfc technology

Two companies in China have selected the platform to allow them to enable their merchant clients. China Mobile and the Bank of China have announced that they will be using the Paymedia Mobile Marketing Platform from VeriFone in order to enable their brands, merchants, and other third parties in order to deploy specific campaigns for NFC technology based mobile wallet services within the city of Shen Yang. This latest mobile commerce news was just recently announced by VeriFone. The Chinese bank and carrier have introduced services that include payments using…

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NFC mobile payments accepted on London busses

mobile commerce london england UK

The public transportation began using these transactions as of last Thursday. The use of NFC mobile technology for making smartphone payments just received a notable boost as London announced that the city’s 8,500 busses would now be accepting the method for the purchase of tickets. The use of this equipment by Transport for London is a mirror of the service already available on Stagecoach. That company began installing the readers for NFC mobile transactions back in 2009. Transport for London is also using the Oyster smartcard program, which uses another…

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NFC technology to be used by Standard Bank

NFC mastercard Facebook Messenger QR codes

The South African financial institution has announced the upcoming rollout of its contactless payments. Standard Bank, a major financial institution in South Africa, has announced that it will soon be releasing contactless payments through NFC technology that will be incorporated into both credit and debit cards issued to its customers. This is the largest move that a South African company has made for near field communications. The bank’s new cards will allow customers to use the “tap and go” technique in order to make their payments, instead of having to…

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