NFC technology enabled devices rise in popularity

NFC Technology - card reader

This technology is starting to build confidence in security and its usability makes it practical for the Internet of Things. NFC technology has how been available in several generations of smartphone – though it is only just now being added to the next Apple device, the iPhone 6 – and now it is starting to become more popular among consumers, as well. Recent research has suggested that it is coming out on top when it comes to the mobile payment market. The research was conducted by Frost & Sullivan. That…

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Firm launches research initiative focused on NFC technology

Quick Tap NFC technology service mobile payments service

NFC technology the subject of a new research initiative Global Industry Analysts, a leading market research organization, has announced the launch of an ambitious research initiative focused on the NFC technology market. The organization has tracked the rising demand for NFC-enabled devices and the use of these devices in the mobile commerce space. The organization has also taken note of the alternatives to NFC technology that are emerging in various sectors. The research initiative aims to shed light on the trends that are impacting the NFC market, especially where NFC…

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NFC technology market set for strong growth

NFC technology mobile payments

Report predicts bright future for NFC technology Markets and Markets, a leading market research firm, has released a new report concerning the global NFC technology market. NFC technology has been growing in popularity as mobile commerce becomes more common. The technology is currently the backbone of most mobile commerce initiatives, but is often used in marketing as well. The demand for this technology has been on the rise despite concerns regarding the security of NFC and its capabilities. Global market to hit $1.15 billion by 2016 According to the report,…

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Marketing firms team to develop NFC technology marketing program

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

NFC technology to be a centerpiece of new marketing program News America Marketing, a leading marketing firm and subsidiary of News Corp, has teamed with Thinaire, a specialist in mobile marketing technologies. Together, the two companies will work to develop a new marketing program that leverages the capabilities of NFC technology. The program will be designed with the retail industry in mind and will help retailers embrace NFC technology and use it to engage a new generation of consumers that have become highly reliant on their mobile devices. NFC remains…

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QR codes and NFC tags promote baseball cards

baseball card qr codes

Mobile marketing is now an important part of a Topps promotion for these collectibles. Although QR codes and NFC technology are frequently discussed in comparison with one another, they are being used in conjunction with each other on a growing basis, as is the case with Topps in their latest campaign. The baseball card company is using quick response barcodes and near field communication technology. Topps has combined NFC with QR codes to help to market its Major League Baseball cards through the use of a method that is becoming…

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FineLine launches new NFC tags for retailers

NFC Technology

FineLine introduces new line of NFC tags FineLine, a provider of ticketing and mobile solutions for the retail industry, has announced a new service that will allow its customers to make use of NFC tags. Through this service, companies can order NFC tags online, which they can then affix to their products, allowing consumers access to digital content. FineLine is yet another company that has begun embracing NFC technology, claiming that its capabilities will bring significant benefits to the retailers that make use of NFC tags. Consumers growing familiar with…

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Interactive marketing becoming more popular in South Korea

South Korea NFC Shopping

Marketing industry continues to adjust to the trends influencing consumer interest As mobile technology becomes more common amongst consumers, the marketing industry has to adapt to the changes in consumer interest. South Korea’s marketing industry is the latest sector to experience a technological transformation, with many advertisers beginning to focus on interactive marketing. As such, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the industry because of its ability to dynamically connect consumers with businesses. The use of the technology is expected to continue growing as more marketers see success…

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NFC technology to be used in new outdoor marketing ploy

M-Commerce Industry

DMC teams with Primesight to engage consumers in a new way Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has announced its partnership with Primesight, an outdoor media company, this week. Through the partnership, the companies aim to install 100 new interactive panels throughout DCM’s cinema estates. These interactive panels will be equipped with NFC technology, which will be used to engage consumers on a dynamic level. The initiative is meant to bring brands closer to consumers, allowing the two to interact more fluently. NFC technology has already shown itself to be fairly proficient…

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NFC technology expected to have major impact in mobile marketing

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Advertisers continue to experiment with interactive technology The advertising industry has long been on the cutting edge of consumer engagement. The industry has been keenly attuned to the development of interactive technologies that would allow them to reach out to consumers more effectively. In the past, several of these technologies have produced modest results. Advertisers found a great deal of success in the advent of QR codes, which successfully exposed a wider demographic of consumers to the concept of mobile marketing. Now, NFC technology may be poised to change the…

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NFC marketing campaign to kick off in Canada this summer

Toronto Mobile payments

Campaign to reward consumers with free movies and tickets Astral Out-of-Home (OOH), a leading out-of-home advertising firm based in Canada, has announced that it will be teaming with Scotiabank for a new NFC marketing campaign. The campaign will be launched in the Toronto area, targeting young adult consumers and movie enthusiasts. NFC technology was chosen for the campaign because of its interactive capabilities. The campaign is expected to launch within the coming weeks and last throughout the summer season. SCENE posters to be equipped with NFC tags OOH will develop…

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NFC begins to dominate mobile marketing industry in Japan

Tokyo Japan mobile payments

NFC may be capable of dethroning QR codes in the land of their birth For years, the mobile marketing industry in Japan has been dominated by QR codes. The codes originated in the country and were first recognized for their marketing potential by Japanese advertisers. Japan’s mobile marketing industry has since proven a exemplar in terms of product innovation and interaction between consumers and businesses. Now, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the country and could soon replace the powerful QR codes. More retailers and advertisers are beginning…

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