Custom QR codes grow in popularity

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QR codes are becoming increasingly popular amongst tech-savvy artists. The codes are most often used in marketing, but their simplistic nature is appealing to those looking for a way to promote themselves without having to spend inordinate amounts of money. Generally, those wishing to use the codes can generate them for free online. More enterprising individuals have taken to fashioning QR codes by hand with readily available materials. Kyle Clements, a Canadian artist and member of the Site 3 coLaboratory, has done just that.

Clements has made a custom QR code from oak and birch veneers. The wooden code is fully functional and resolves to the Site 3 coLaboratory website. Site 3 is a coalition of artists, hackers and hobbyists who seek to blend technology with art. The group has made appearances at several art conventions around the world. The group is based in Canada, but promotes artistic endeavors elsewhere.

While the wooden code can be scanned with a smart phone, the site that it links to is not optimized for mobile viewing. This is a common mistake but can be easily rectified. Many using QR Codes on a commercial level in hopes to generate a higher volume of business should take this into account while creating your own mobile campaign.

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