Will a giant QR code help to save the environment?

tuvalu mangrove giant qr code

A Taiwanese artist has used a tech friendly mangrove project to combat climate change. Tuvalu, a tiny country in the South Pacific made of nine islets, now features a giant QR code art project. This quick response code is meant to act as a means to draw attention to the battle against climate change. The barcode was made by Vincent J.F. Huang, an artist from Taiwan. The QR code is made out of 3,000 mangrove trees that the artist planted on Tuvalu’s coastline. The trees were planted in the shape…

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QR codes enhance “Return of the Native” art exhibit

qr codes unique

Troy Kinney Kelley’s sculptures and paintings use quick response codes to inform and educate. Artist Troy Kinney Kelley from Wichita has brought a number of his sculptures as well as his paintings to the Kemp Center for the Arts’s NorthLight Gallery and QR codes have come along with the “Return of the Native” exhibit that will be running right through May 14. The sculptor and painter is hoping to use several styles and methods to bring a realism to his artwork. That said, the exhibit is designed to bring together…

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QR codes help kids learn art

QR codes book school mobile shopping

Students at an Illinois school use technology and quick response codes to help build access and sharing. Primary and intermediate students at Edwardsville District 7 in Illinois and who are fortunate enough to have Stacy Requarth as an art teacher are also using QR codes and other forms of technology as a new way to learn and share. The quick response codes represent only the latest in Requarth’s efforts to keep her students engaged. The most recent project involved the use of the QR codes for allowing students to share…

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QR codes find themselves mixed into controversial London artwork

banksy mural calais refugee camp tea gas qr codes

A new piece by Banksy has criticized the use of teargas in a refugee camp located in Calais. Banksy has now completed a new artwork in the form of a mural that has used symbolism and QR codes in order to criticize the use of teargas in the Calais refugee camp that is known as the “Jungle.” The mural appeared on the French embassy in London and has drawn massive attention to the issue. The piece, itself, uses the well known image of the young girl from the musical and…

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QR codes enhance Estrella Art Show

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

An art intern implemented quick response codes to help to broaden the experience to event guests. When an art intern took part in the organization of the Estrella Art Show and was acting as docent, it was decided that QR codes were one of the best ways to help visitors to the event to be able to access a larger amount of information about the pieces that they were viewing. Guests to the student art show were able to not only view the artwork, but to learn a great deal…

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