Integrate graphics in QR Code while keeping the error correction intact

QR Code Images

QR Codes are being used more and more in magazines and on billboards. They offer a good bridge between the real world and the digital world of the internet. Scanning a QR Code that contains an URL avoids typing errors and even deep-linking into your website becomes easier. Another benefit is the trace-ability of the code usage, offering various statistical information on the scanned QR Code. There is only one big drawback in QR Code usage, at first glance all QR Code’s look the same. Various companies jumped into this…

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Not all QR codes are created digitally

QR Code David Sykes

Though the traditional QR code is created by a computer with the appropriate software, this isn’t always the case, and various artists are starting to demonstrate this fact by creating the barcodes using their own techniques and styles. Award winning David Sykes, an advertising photographer, for example, creates QR codes out of everyday objects, such as wine bottles, boots, or anything else he can get his hands upon. One of his most recent accomplishments is a photograph of a 64 square foot QR code made out of shoes and boots…

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Custom QR codes grow in popularity

Cool QR code Video

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular amongst tech-savvy artists. The codes are most often used in marketing, but their simplistic nature is appealing to those looking for a way to promote themselves without having to spend inordinate amounts of money. Generally, those wishing to use the codes can generate them for free online. More enterprising individuals have taken to fashioning QR codes by hand with readily available materials. Kyle Clements, a Canadian artist and member of the Site 3 coLaboratory, has done just that. Clements has made a custom QR…

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An ad campaign that will not drain your mighty wallet!

Dynomighty Design, a company known for its innovative and whimsical products, has embarked on a new marketing campaign for the Might Wallet brand. The company is making use of QR codes as an inexpensive form of advertising. Traditionally, the costs of advertising have kept small companies away from TV spots. With QR codes becoming more popular, however, more companies are realizing how they can use mobile technology to offset the costs of ad space. Terrence Kellerman, president and designer at Dynomighty Designs, had been searching for a way to get…

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What one business owner is doing with QR codes to help animals

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QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and more companies are using them to engage their customers in a new way. Jennifer Liu, owner of Fuzzy Nation has just recently begun using QR codes as part of their latest campaign. We were able to get in touch with Jennifer and get her take on the codes.  Can you tell me about your business? We are a wholesaler, branding and design company.  We license Fuzzy Nation branded designs to manufacturers of house ware, giftware, handbags, accessories and watches. We…

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