QR codes are going transparent

qr codes invisible Lynkware

The question is whether these slick new quick response codes will be more appealing than their standard version. By the close of August 2015, Microsoft will have completed its abandonment of its Tag proprietary version of QR codes, due to the fact that “nobody scans”, but at the same time, other companies are working to make these barcodes more appealing to marketers and consumers, alike. The fact is that quick response codes have seen their successes, but they are in very specific areas. For instance, there have been some specific…

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QR codes used by Australia Post for video messages

QR Code mail post

This new feature will allow gift senders to link videos to their parcels over the holiday season. Australia Post is currently encouraging Australians to use their new service based on QR codes to record a video of up to 15 seconds in length and link it to the parcels that they are sending to their loved ones. These videos can be accessed by the recipient by scanning the barcode with their smartphones. The QR code is added to the parcel so that the recipient will be able to use their…

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QR codes used to assist customers with Purite cartridge changes

QR Codes

The barcodes link people to videos that provide them with the instructions that they need. Purite has just announced the latest enhancement that it has made to its product and customer support, through the use of QR codes that lead to innovative and yet easy to use videos that demonstrate the way that cartridges can be properly changed. These videos are tutorials for the replacement of water purification cartridges to make sure that it is done correctly. The system of using the QR codes is quite simple, as they are…

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QR codes campaign is now underway for Newcastle Brown Ale

qr codes beer tap

The mobile marketing effort is based on making a mockery of common consumer stereotypes. Newcastle Brown Ale is starting a new campaign using mobile video and QR codes to help attract the eye of consumers as they mock common stereotypes that many people currently hold about beer that is crafted by hand. The playful mobile marketing campaign is used to be both amusing and informative. For instance, one of the common beliefs is that this type of beer is hard to find and that it is available only at a…

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QR codes employed by German Maestro for consumer education

qr codes speaker german maestro

The speaker and audio technology company has enhanced its customer education program with barcodes. German Maestro took the opportunity at CES to unveil a new program that has been created to assist retailers with more appealing and practical consumer education through the use of QR codes. Last year, the company launched a different form of “Ask Me” program for retailers. That system assisted their sales professionals in being able to better educate current and prospective customers who are interested in their products or who have questions about their technologies or…

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