Microsoft to purchase Activision Blizzard in $70 billion cash acquisition

Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard

The tech giant says that it intends to purchase the struggling video game company due to the metaverse. Microsoft has announced its intentions to purchase the massive but troubled Activision Blizzard video game company for almost $70 billion. This will represent the largest deal ever at a time when people will be spending more time in the digital universe. In its Activision Blizzard purchase, Microsoft is betting that people will be spending a great deal more time in the digital world also known as the metaverse. This massive acquisition was…

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Scanning QR codes will be faster and easier with Android 13

QR codes - phone scan of code

The process will reportedly involve a number of shortcuts for seamless, simple, quick scans. QR codes have been around for ages but really came into their own over the last couple of years as the need for contactless but convenient methods of checking in, subscribing, obtaining information or even paying for goods and services rose dramatically in importance. That said, it became clear that the process of scanning quick response codes could use improvements. For a long time, even the functionality for scanning QR codes wasn’t built in on phones.…

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Are Ebooks Worth It? Does Anyone Actually Read Them?

Are ebooks worth it?

From the least to the most popular books on Amazon, are people reading the digital copies? For a long time, readers, authors and publishers alike were asking “are ebooks worth it?”.  That time is well behind us as digital books have taken off in the last handful of years. The advantages of ebooks simply cannot be ignored, and they are a staple for any book release. A recent Pew Research Center survey on book formats and consumption showed that while traditional print (comprised primarily by paperback and hardcovers) remains the…

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Could a parent’s smartphone use be harmful to her toddler?

Smartphone use - Mother using phone

A recent study by Tel Aviv University in Israel suggests a child’s development might be affected. Parents distracted by regular smartphone use are potentially causing long-term developmental damage to toddlers due to the lack of interaction between parent and child. This, according to a newly published study by Tel Aviv University researchers in Israel. The researchers determined that kids get four times less attention when their moms were on their phones. The study found that toddlers who have moms with regular smartphone use receive a reduction in interaction by a…

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Elder care service through Amazon Alexa launches

Amazon Alexa - Device

The marketplace and technology giant has now rolled out the first paid service in that space. Amazon Alexa now has an elder care service, representing the first paid service the company has within that space. The service was initially announced by the company back at its fall hardware event. Amazon Alexa’s subscription elder care service is an expansion on the Alexa Care Hub that was already existing. The new service was launched to offer a minimally invasive strategy for using the voice assistant in association with the Echo speakers to…

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