QR codes used to assist customers with Purite cartridge changes

QR Codes

The barcodes link people to videos that provide them with the instructions that they need.

Purite has just announced the latest enhancement that it has made to its product and customer support, through the use of QR codes that lead to innovative and yet easy to use videos that demonstrate the way that cartridges can be properly changed.

These videos are tutorials for the replacement of water purification cartridges to make sure that it is done correctly.

The system of using the QR codes is quite simple, as they are located on the packages of the replacement cartridges, so they’re always easy to find at the moment that the instructions would most be needed. Scanning the barcode automatically directs the customer to the video that will show them how to use the specific cartridge that they have in their hands.

The QR codes make it easy for customers to be directed right to the appropriate video.

The QR codes direct users to the videos for the replacement of pre-treatment and deionizer cartridges. Each video has been created to show a step by step process for the proper replacement of cartridges including the removal of the used one and the installation of the new one. According to Purite, it is the first purification system manufacturer to use this type of smartphone friendly technology to provide its customers with a unique advantaQR Codesge.

According to Purite sales manager, Steve Mines, “Using video to directly help our customers is something we are extremely excited about.” He also stated that “By utilizing the power of the smart phone, the QR code and the online video, we are giving our customers 24/7 access to a step-by-step process that will help them save time and boost efficiency.”

As per the recommendation from Purite for the use of the QR codes, the company said that iPhone users should download the app called “QR Reader for iPhone”. This works across all models of iPod Touch and iPhone. On the other hand, “QR Droid” is the recommended app for Android users. Both of those applications are available for free, one at the App Store and the other at Google Play.

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