Five Guys burger chain boosts sales with new app

Five Guys Bacon Burger

Five Guys Bacon BurgerThe Five Guys Burgers & Fries chain is boosting its mobile experience through an app designed for iPhone that allows customers to order their meals without having to wait in line, through the simple use of their mobile devices.

Five Guys had already released an Android version of this app back in March 2011. This latest app is designed specifically for iPhone users and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

According to project manager Steve Teller from Five Guys in Washington, they already had intentions of rolling out an iPhone app back when the Android version had been released. He explained that “We’re announcing the app on our Facebook page and Twitter as well,” and added that “We’re also getting the word out through word-of-mouth.”

The burger chain has been in operation since 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, and has grown into a nationwide experience with more than 730 locations.

To use the app, it must first be downloaded. When the app is accessed, the user will be prompted to either create a new account, or to sign in to one that has already been created. At this point, the user will be able to build an order either for immediate use, or to be picked up later on.

Through the app, a customer can choose any of his or her favorite foods from the menu, from burgers to sandwiches, fries, hot dogs, or beverages. Customizations to the order can also be made through an app feature. Moreover, if the customer feels that he or she may make the same order again in the future, it can be saved to a favorites list in order to make future orders faster and easier.

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