Study shows that while mobile is the way of the future, marketers are not yet ready

Mobile Markerters

Mobile Markerters
Though it’s evident that smartphones are a form of technology that is increasing rapidly in popularity and that this medium is a cutting edge marketing platform, experts are warning brands not to underestimate it.

Coremetrics released a whitepaper that detailed some interesting data that indicated the importance of entering into the mobile marketing world for marketers. It included the results of a survey of 250 marketers, among whom more than 80 percent stated that they believed that the return on investment from the user of mobile marketing would be measurably different than it had been in 2010.

Google’s new “Mobilize” product seems to support this belief, as it offers businesses an easier way to create high quality mobile commerce websites.

Regardless of the interest that marketers seem to have in mobile, the study by Coremetrics shows that many among them are not yet ready to begin its use. Among the survey participants, 57.5 percent had not yet developed an optimized version of their website for mobile, and 66.1 percent had not created a mobile app for their own brand or business.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Many find this data to be quite surprising, as it is clear that smartphones will soon be omnipresent. Moreover, many of the respondents did not hold the implementation of an m-commerce platform as a high priority. Among them, only 10 percent claimed that they had a method for accepting mobile payment.

Fewer than half of the participants in the study felt that they had the necessary confidence to fully implement mobile marketing into their current mix.

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