Layered Innovations launches its next platform


Mobile Commerce
Layered Innovations has announced the launch of its latest platform version.

It is designed to provide clients with the ability to create and manage their mobile campaigns, themselves, as well as to measure the success of those campaigns and report on it. This new ability enhances the current controls on their platform, which include management of professional commerce, monitoring of client experience, and compliance with social media.

Layered Innovations chief concept officer, Dusty Davidson explained the new elements of the platform by saying that the firm’s clients have been making specific requests for these abilities. He said that clients are “seeking a simple, concrete manner in which to manage mobile campaigns and to engage and monitor customer response. It made sense to accommodate their requests.”

The Layeredi Mobile Campaign Platform gives businesses the ability to create mobile campaigns easily so that they are able to capture the potential of engaging mobile video to encourage consumers to take certain actions. The basic web interface gives companies the chance to decide precisely how they will communicate with mobile consumers through options such as QR codes, SMS, mobile ad networks, or a combination of them all.

When the companies decide which technologies mobile users will use to access their campaigns, they can them upload their video content in any form they wish, and the Layerdi platform will automatically provide the encoding so that it will become compatible with any smartphone model and operating system.

After that is complete, all that needs to be done is to choose a follow-on action, for example, making a mobile purchase.

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