Mobile marketing and direct mail to lead 2012 political candidate strategies

QR Codes Used in Political Campaigns

Though direct mail will be, as it always has been, an important part of the marketing strategies used by the political candidates in the 2012 election, mobile is also expected to play a critical role in helping to persuade voters. Borrell and Associates data showed that political direct mailing this year will cost about $228.3 million. This technique is still considered to be vital to a political campaign because it provides candidates with the ability to specifically target prospective voters based on where they have registered for voting. One of…

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Layered Innovations launches its next platform


Layered Innovations has announced the launch of its latest platform version. It is designed to provide clients with the ability to create and manage their mobile campaigns, themselves, as well as to measure the success of those campaigns and report on it. This new ability enhances the current controls on their platform, which include management of professional commerce, monitoring of client experience, and compliance with social media. Layered Innovations chief concept officer, Dusty Davidson explained the new elements of the platform by saying that the firm’s clients have been making…

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