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QR Codes Are a Giant in The Mobile Marketing Business

The use of QR Codes has increased by 1200% according to Mobio who did a study for the months of July to December 2010. These figures show a massive increase in the importance of QR Codes, as they are now being utilized in advertisements, the internet, smartphones and other similar marketing uses.  

QR Codes are actually barcodes but are in a two-dimensional (2D) matrix. However, these QR Codes can contain more information as compared to that of the traditional ones.  These  2d codes were introduced ten years ago in Japan by Toyota and made popular by mobile phone companies, but its uses have only been recognized recently by the U.S.

To read a QR Code you must download a scanner application on your smartphone. You then snap a picture with the scanner and your phone will bring up whatever the code is being linked to. Codes can activate various functions for the phone such as sending SMS, IMs and emails and even connecting you to a web browser.

Other significant uses of QR codes include offline marketing such as in physical products, billboards, signs in stores and mails. Also, QR Codes are included in the packaging of products to expand information regarding the company and the product. QR Codes are used to dial a company number for the customers and are used in staff uniforms.

Companies are finding many uses for the black and white code, especially real estate agents. The QR Codes can be placed on their signage to gain potential customers. Future clients, when driving by a home for sale, can take a virtual tour just by scanning the code.

Also, other uses are popping up in the used car business, books, magazines, museums, doctor’s waiting rooms, social media, clothes sporting personal codes, etc. The possibilities are endless…what can you do with a QR Code?

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