There are now over 100 million Google One subscribers

Google One - 100 Million Subscribers

This achievement has arrived following years of effort to get people to pay for additional storage. Google One now has over 100 million subscribers, according to company CEO Sundar Pichai, who announced the milestone for the all-in-one subscription service for additional storage for the company’s services. The premium service involves paying for storage for Gmail, Photos, and Drive users. Reaching that particular Google One milestone underscores the tech giant’s efforts to encourage its users to pay for premium upgrades to services instead of relying exclusively on its free offerings.  This…

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1,900 Microsoft video game employees get the axe

Microsoft video game employees laid off

Activision Blizzard and Xbox and ZeniMax brands have slashed their worker numbers. About 1,900 video game employees at Microsoft are being laid off, particularly in Activision Blizzard and Xbox, but also in ZeniMax. Mike Ybarra, Blizzard president, has also chosen to exit the company. As Blizzard’s survival game has been canceled, Ybarra is leaving, and massive layoffs are occurring. The layoffs are impacting around 9 percent of the video game employees in the Microsoft Gaming division, which currently employs about 22,000 people. “We have made the painful decision to reduce…

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Is the blood glucose tracking wearable technology trend worthwhile?

Wearable technology - Blood Glucose Tracking gadget

What many influencers are saying is in direct contradiction with what medical experts advise. Wearable technology from fitness trackers to smartwatches, bracelets and rings have become immensely popular, and now glucose monitors have added themselves into the mix. Many devices worn on the skin have been developed to provide feedback about glucose levels. That said, as much as these are showing up across social media and influencers are raving about all the data they’re gaining through minute-to-minute glucose monitoring, medical experts are not as excited by this wearable technology trend.…

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Mastercard launches Shopping Muse artificial intelligence personal assistant

Artificial intelligence - AI with Mastercard credit cards

The credit card giant has introduced the new generative AI tool to help shoppers find what they want. Mastercard has announced the launch of its new generative artificial intelligence tool meant to provide shoppers with a personal shopping assistant. The tool was unveiled at a time when consumers are particularly interested in using AI in their lives. The Mastercard artificial intelligence tool, dubbed Shopping Muse, was rolled out by the company’s Dynamic Yield unit. It is meant to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly turning to AI to…

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