How QR Codes Turn Bus Shelters Into Virtual Stores

QR Code Virtual storage

Consider, if you will, the humble bus shelter. Just a place to stay safe from the elements while waiting for public transportation, and that’s it, right? Not quite… Recently, Wal-Mart, in conjunction with Proctor and Gamble, turned 50 Toronto bus shelters into virtual WalMart stores. Talk about a chain having stores everywhere! Shopping With QR Codes Here’s how it worked. Each shelter was given a poster that contained QR codes for Proctor and Gamble products. Commuters who scanned the codes with their smart phones were taken to a Wal-Mart web…

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New report in…QR code scanning off the grid!

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Earlier this year, mobile marketing pioneer Mobio Identity Systems, released a report that showed QR code scanning grew by a staggering 1,200% in the last six months of 2010. Mobio’s report spurred rabid adoption of the code from businesses seeking to establish themselves in the burgeoning mobile marketing industry. Their rise to fame in the U.S. is similar to what happened in Japan during the advent of mobile technology: QR codes are now becoming a staple of marketing and can be found just about anywhere. The momentum is not likely…

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New app to help renters with QR Code scanning

It can be difficult to find apartments in a big city. It can be even more difficult to find an affordable one. As mobile technology progresses and becomes increasingly embedded into people’s lives, new methods for apartment hunting are cropping up. Habitat Hunters, a real estate service provider for Austin, Texas, has long aided apartment seekers in their efforts. Now, they are adopting QR codes to better serve a new generation of clients that can’t seem to put their phones down. Habitat Hunters was the first real estate and apartment…

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QR codes have a need for speed

On Saturday, high profile car manufacturer Ferrari débuted their latest competitive racer, the Ferrari 458 Italia GT, at a 12-hour Sebring endurance race. The car gained a lot of attention, not just because it was Ferrari’s latest entry in international competitive racing, but also because of the QR code emblazoned on the hood. The code also appears on the Risi Competizione team uniforms. When scanned, the code resolves to the team’s website. The code may have been the high point of the race for Ferrari. Their new F458GT was forced to…

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Mobile marketing on a budget

Maintaining your business presence to consumers can be a daunting task in a slow economy. Most small and medium sized businesses are cutting back on any unnecessary spending, just to stay open. Priorities are re-set; some things are put off, and other tasks, like advertising, are getting a minimal budget. There is good news; QR Codes have made it possible for you to keep your public presence, without going broke. Advertising expenses can add up quick for a small business; and chances are, you will only reach a small percent…

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