Efforts to find a lost historical artifact are aided by QR codes

laFayette Campus

A valuable artifact went missing this week from the Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. The artifact is none other than the sword of Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, a renowned French general whose service help solidify the United States as an independent nation. The sword has resided within the halls of the college for several decades, but went missing on Tuesday. What happened to the sword is not yet known, but there are a number of QR codes offering up clues. The Skillman and Kirby library at the college is…

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Lifespire brings QR codes to a new age medical bracelet

QR Code Medical Bracelet

Lifespire, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps developmentally disabled persons achieve their goals, has been developing a new version of the Code Amber Medic Altertags, a modernized medical bracelet. The tags are not actually pieces of jewelry like their predecessors; these are similar to small, plastic cards often seen adorning key chains. The new tags will feature a prominent QR code, which Lifespire hopes will be used by emergency personnel to retrieve medical information for those in need as quickly as possible. Mobile technology has been serving emergency medical technicians…

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BBB warns that malicious QR codes could put consumers’ privacy at risk, offers some advice to thwart the threat

QR Code

As QR codes become more popular they are seeing more use. Only a year ago, the codes were all but unknown in the U.S. Now, they have become a staple in the world of marketing and are establishing themselves as a powerful and versatile social networking tool. Yet, the advent of QR codes in the west is not without its dangers and the Better Business Bureau of Canada and the U.S. has issued a number of warnings when it comes to using the codes. It may be difficult to attribute…

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QR codes may be doing more harm than good to small businesses

Small Business Mobile Marketing

When it comes to small business, QR codes are often seen as a valuable marketing tool. Given the versatility of the codes, this notion is often correct, but there is another side to the coin that goes almost universally unacknowledged. Chris Smith of KeyRelevence, a prominent SEO and marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas, says that using the codes to boost business is a double edged sword. While awareness of the codes is certainly spreading throughout the nation, the majority of consumers are still unfamiliar with them. Smith says that…

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Fabricating QR Codes

QR code Art

It is common to see QR codes in magazines and newspapers. They have even made their way to the small screen, accompanying TV advertisements. The codes are not quite so common on clothing, however, a fact that the QR-3D Projects seeks to rectify. The codes have garnered acclaim for their ability to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. They are most often used in print advertisements but can also be used to digitize a vast array of print content such as books, poetry and pieces of visual…

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Mobile qr code scanning brings visitors that much closer to the “Close”

The Real Mary King’s Close

QR codes have been used in some innovative marketing campaigns in the past, but now they are being used to bring a bit of history back to life in Scotland. The Real Mary King’s Close is a famous tourist attraction in Edinburgh and is one of the best preserved historic sites in the United Kingdom, dating back to the 16th century. The Close, a complex of tenement houses lining a central street, was home to thousands before it was partially demolished and buried beneath the Royal Exchange. The site is…

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Scan the can…Coke’s new look

Coca-Cola Mobile Marketing Campaign

Coca-Cola is expanding their mobile marketing efforts in Germany by launching new can designs which feature QR codes. Two new designs are slated for release this month. One design is a drum set and the other is a set of headphones. These are part of the company’s new marketing campaign titled “Code Sound Up.” The company will be working with a number of popular bands in Germany to provide exclusive content for those that scan the codes. There are two different QR codes available, corresponding with the designs attributing the…

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A QR Code Book…Really?!

QR Code

Books2Barcodes is a relatively new project which is comprised by a group of self-proclaimed archivists, engineers, and library scientists. The project aims to take classic works of fictions, like Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and convert them to QR codes. Unfortunately, these works are often too lengthy for one code, and so each page has its own dedicated code. The project seems a bit obsolete when compared to services like Amazon’s Kindle Store, where readers can find books easily and read them without having to scan additional coding. Considering the…

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Mobile market need to satisfy car buyers takes hold in Qatar

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

A car dealership located in Qatar, one of the wealthiest states in the middle east, has launched a new QR code campaign that aims to enhance its interactivity with customers. Nassar Bin Khaled Automobiles, a Mercedes-Benz dealership, is joining the ranks of a growing number of businesses that are becoming entangled in mobile marketing across the world. A new global trend emerging in the marketing industry is seeing more companies are putting significant value behind communication with consumers. By boosting their social media presence and adopting QR codes, they are…

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U.S. business owners starting to embrace the ease of QR code advertising

QR Code Marketing

Last Thursday, the Memphis Society of Entrepreneurs, an assortment of high ranking business and community leaders, hosted the Merging Media roundtable forum. The event was a discussion regarding the emergence of the mobile marketing industry and its widespread influence in a number of business sectors. The keynote speaker was Dave Barger, CEO of LunaWeb, a leading web design company. Barger singled out QR codes as one of the more promising marketing tools. When the codes first started becoming popular in the U.S., many doubted their longevity. They proved to be…

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Vital QR code education needed in the U.S.


QR codes are just about everywhere these days. Their sudden rise in popularity over a short period of time has left many at a loss for what the codes are. A staggering number of businesses have been adopting the codes, but few are taking the time to show consumers why they are so important. Hamilton Chan, founder of Paperlinks, a mobile marketing company that specializes in QR codes, believes that western society has entered a vital education period when it comes to mobile technology. After this period is over, he…

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