Augmented reality developer Metaio releases new development tools for free

Augmented Reality Tools

Augmented Reality Tools

Metaio, a German augmented reality developer, has recently released a sleuth of new software development kits (SDK) that will help users build their own augmented reality experience. The company has emerged as a formidable force in the augmented reality industry in recent years and believes that now is the time for more people to begin adopting the technology. Augmented reality can be a costly technology, however, as the software required to operate it is fairly advanced. Metaio’s new SDK’s are a first for the industry as they are completely free of charge.

The German AR company has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has tailored its SDK’s to make use of that extensive experience for the benefit of others. While the development tools are free for anyone to use, they require a fair amount of programming knowledge in order to produce results. The development kits work with the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Augmented reality has been gaining popularity in a number of industries lately. The technology has found particular favor amongst advertisers looking to engage consumers in a new way. With smart phone ownership on the rise, augmented reality is finding its way into more marketing campaigns. The technology has other uses, of course, many of which Metaio wishes to see expanded upon through the use of its development kits.

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