Retail augmented reality marketing used to draw consumers

fashion retail augmented reality

A futuristic looking form of advertising is becoming increasingly common in the hopes of appealing to shoppers. A new form of retail augmented reality marketing is starting to pop up here and there across the United States. While it remains very limited in its use, a growing number of retailers are catching on. The appeal to shoppers is quite evident. The idea is to use this high tech design and sleek style to draw customers into brick and mortar stores. Among the companies using retail augmented reality technology to market…

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London augmented reality marketing campaign let shoppers dress semi-naked models

Lyst augmented reality marketing

Models wore nothing but their underwear as onlookers used AR technology to try on clothes. Pokémon Go may have been the largest exposure many people have had to augmented reality marketing and technology, but London Fashion Week took things a step further. With live models standing in a display window, the Lyst online retailer used tech and shock value to attract attention. The result was gimmicky, but it did the trick because the entire world has had a look. The Lyst augmented reality marketing campaign involved using real models dressed…

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Augmented reality enhances training and marketing at Virgin Atlantic

virgin atlantic birthday girl augmented reality

The airline has discovered that people find that the use of AR technology is appealing and generates a positive response. The new 787 Dreamliner at Virgin Atlantic, called Birthday Girl, is considered to be one of the most advanced and high tech experiences in aviation due to a number of its features, including an augmented reality tour. The plane has been designed to bring together an elegant design and the latest in AR technology. Visitors to a specific site are able to click their way through the cabin interior of…

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Pepsi creates a “Time Tunnel” with augmented reality technology

pepsi time tunnel augmented reality

The marketers (dubbed “pranksters” by some) at the soft drink company have struck again in the U.K. Last week, Pepsi launched a new augmented reality campaign under the cold and wintery London Bridge tunnels, which gave quite a surprise to some of the commuters traveling through on their way to and from work. Pepsi Max U.K. has launched several prank marketing campaigns of this nature in London While previous augmented reality campaigns by Pepsi have involved bus shelters that have frightened and amused commuters with the appearance of zombie attacks…

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Augmented reality ads attack Vienna with a zombie invasion

the walking dead zombies augmented reality marketing

A digital signage campaign in the city is helping to launch the fifth season of “The Walking Dead”. The hit television show called “The Walking Dead” has started its fifth season in the United States, but when the zombie focused series prepared to air in Austria, its marketing campaign included a unique augmented reality element that added a gory boost to its signage campaign in Vienna. For two days, the city featured a “Scary Shelter” in a frightening experimental mobile marketing campaign. Sky Austria, a television network, and Gewista, an…

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Augmented reality experience sold alongside Mariah Carey’s new drink

Augmented reality Mariah Carey Butterfly drink beverage

The “Butterfly” beverage has been launched by the singer who inspired its creation. Mariah Carey recently held a press conference to launch a new beverage that she is endorsing from Go N’Syde, which is called “Butterfly” and which claims to include an augmented reality experience with its use. The packaging of the drink doesn’t provide any suggestion as to the flavor of the liquid it contains. The drink bottle simply claims that Butterfly is “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.” An upcoming advertisement that was released…

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Sephora unveils augmented reality digital mirror

Sephora augmented reality

Sephora teams with ModiFace to produce innovative digital mirror French cosmetics brand Sephora has partnered with ModiFace, a virtual reality technology company, to create a digital mirror that leverages augmented reality. The mirror is, essentially, a monitor equipped with a camera that feeds visual information to the screen. Customers can use the digital mirror to try on eye shadow, which will appear on their face thanks to augmented reality. AR is becoming quite prominent in the marketing field as its interactive nature is becoming better understood. Businesses need to find…

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Augmented reality marketing stunt by Pepsi frightens Londoners

Pepsi Max Augmented Reality Bus Shelter

A bus stop marketing stunt has caused a commotion as AR tigers and aliens scare – and entertain – viewers. Typically speaking, the public transit system in London isn’t that frightening for morning commuters, but Pepsi decided to change that story through the introduction of its very unique and somewhat startling mobile marketing campaign based on augmented reality technology. Londoners who were waiting at a bus stop for their morning commute certainly weren’t bored. Through the Pepsi Max campaign at the bus stop, Londoners who were simply waiting for their…

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Augmented reality may finally be getting big

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology

A range of different devices, technologies and uses have started to send AR into the mainstream. The number of startups that have made their way into the augmented reality space is now growing faster than it ever was before, and as a part of that, everyone from game developers to mobile marketing firms are working to try to make use of this technology in the best possible way. Among the latest trends has been the testing of AR as a part of various types of mobile device enabled marketing features.…

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Infinity Augmented Reality praises Google Glass

Google Glass Augmented Reality

Company expects that Glass will dominate the market at launch Infinity Augmented Reality, an augmented reality firm based in Israel, believes that Google Glass will be a dominating force in the AR market when it is released. Google Glass does not have an established release date as of yet, but the product has managed to generate a significant amount of hype throughout its development. Glass is Google’s attempt to integrate technology ever further in to the lives of people around the world and these high-tech glasses leverage augmented reality technology…

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Augmented reality transforms pizza boxes into video games

augmented reality hell pizza box

A New Zealand pizza chain is giving customers the opportunity to use their mobile devices for an enhanced experience. Hell Pizza, a chain of restaurants in New Zealand, has decided that the box in which their product is delivered is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer, so that its customers can enjoy an enhanced experience through images that appear to come to life in a video game. To take advantage of this AR technology, customers simply need a smartphone and a pizza box.…

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