Aurasma augments the real world with real-time web updates

Barcelona, Spain: Aurasma, the world’s leading augmented reality platform, has announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC 12) a new feature that enables the real world to be merged with live, dynamic web updates. This announcement follows hot on the heels of Aurasma’s launch of its 3D engine at CES 12, since rolled out by commercial partners including Bandai – one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers. The new feature, powered by HTML5, allows partners to deliver live web updates augmented into the real world. When viewed with Aurasma, print, products…

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Qualcomm partners with Vodafone to help the intellectually disabled in Spain

*The latest from Qualcomm in Spain Qualcomm, a leading developer of augmented reality technology, has announced a partnership with Vodafone Spain Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to increase mobile communication in communities around the world, and the APROCOR Foundation, an organization that works to improve the quality of life for the intellectually disabled in Spain. The partnership’s goal is to create a new platform that would help the intellectually disabled function better in the workplace. Qualcomm believes that augmented reality could be the key to the project’s success. The project…

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Grid: A real-time augmented reality maze from Sahar Fikouhi

Augmented reality continues to gain momentum in the gaming world. As the technology has grown more advanced, companies specializing in augmented reality, such as Metaio and Qualcomm, have released tools to help intrepid designers build their own AR experiences. Such is the case with Sahar Fikouhi, a computational designer and architect from London, UK. Fikouhi has developed a new game for the iPhone that plunges players into a world of staggering geometry and tasks them with navigating their way through a virtual maze. The game is called Grid and it…

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Augmented reality developer Metaio releases new development tools for free

Augmented Reality Tools

Metaio, a German augmented reality developer, has recently released a sleuth of new software development kits (SDK) that will help users build their own augmented reality experience. The company has emerged as a formidable force in the augmented reality industry in recent years and believes that now is the time for more people to begin adopting the technology. Augmented reality can be a costly technology, however, as the software required to operate it is fairly advanced. Metaio’s new SDK’s are a first for the industry as they are completely free…

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Sensics developing new augmented reality headset to be shown off at technology conference in Las Vegas next year

Mobile Commerce Industry

Rumors abound suggesting that technology giant Google may be working on developing augmented reality peripherals. The company has not unveiled any plans to develop such devices at this time, but Sensics, makers of high-tech head-mounted displays, is looking to beat Google at their own game. Sensics has announced that it is currently developing a new augmented reality headset that will make use of Google’s Android platform. The project is called SmartGoggles and the company claims that it will change the way people interact with their environment. The headset is designed…

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Augmented reality gaining momentum with companies during the holiday season

Mobile Commerce

QR codes have been a major success this holiday season. The number of companies making use of the black and white barcodes has spiked in recent months as they come to realize the usefulness of the codes. While these companies – Macy’s, Sears, Best Buy – have all chosen QR codes as a way to engage holiday shoppers, they have also begun showing interest in augmented reality technology. Indeed, the technology has been seeing a swell of attention from companies throughout the country and may soon become the favored marketing…

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Amusement industry begins to adopt augmented reality to help grab the attention of consumers

Innovation is an important part of the amusement industry. With theme parks being a target for family vacations, ensuring that these families stay entertained is of the utmost importance. As technology grows more advanced, new ways to entertain audiences are being born. Kudan, an augmented reality development company based in the UK, has been lending its services to the amusement industry in the hopes of expanding the use of augmented reality technology throughout the sector. Given that AR is a highly interactive and immersion technology, its value to the amusement…

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Bratz Masquerade dolls feature augmented reality this holiday season

Parents shopping for this year’s Bratz Masquerade dolls – and the little girls who will be receiving them as gifts for the holidays – will discover that the product now features new packaging that includes QR codes. These codes will give their users access to a video that hypes a 3D interactive makeover. The fashion doll’s manufacturer, MGA Entertainment, is hopeful that the QR codes and their associated game using augmented reality will help to add more oomph to the holiday season. Sales director of digital marketing, Richard Saito, from…

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Tesco announces the trial use of AR technology

The Tesco retail giant company has announced that it is testing new augmented reality technology that permits the users of mobile devices to view 3D images of products online and in store before a purchase is made. Tesco’s trial augmented reality technology use will allow its shoppers to view three dimensional projections of products before they are purchased using a new system from Kishino, a company in the United Kingdom. The use of the technology involves scanning the product’s QR code using their mobile device’s webcam. The QR codes are…

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Waitrose partners with Blippar to bring augmented reality to online shopping

Waitrose Augmented Reality Marketing

Waitrose, a grocery retailer, has partnered with Blippar, makers of a powerful augmented reality platform of the same name, to launch a new campaign that aims to make purchasing groceries online more intuitive. Blippar is becoming a popular tool for retailers and other businesses because it allows them to engage consumers in a more dynamic manner by transforming static advertisements and printed materials into immersive 3D, virtual reality experiences. Waitrose recently launched a new 90-second commercial. Viewers with the Blippar mobile app were able to unlock exclusive content embedded within the…

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