Global augmented reality market shows promise

augmented reality video

AR market set for strong growth Augmented reality is showing impressive growth around the world, especially as both companies and consumers begin to form a better understanding of the technology’s capabilities and current boundaries. The technology has begun having a major influence on the game industry as well as well as many others and the demand for AR platforms and services has been rising rapidly over the past several years. TechNavio, a provider of market research reports, has published a new study concerning the promise that can be seen in…

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Volkswagen taps into the power of augmented reality

Volkswagen VW augmented reality

Metaio and Volkswagen launch augmented reality project Augmented reality is becoming more common in the auto industry. While some automakers are using the technology for a new generation of navigation systems that can turn windshields into interactive digital maps, others are using augmented reality to help people take care of their cars. Metaio, a pioneer in the augmented reality field, has teamed with German automaker to launch the MARTA project, which leverages augmented reality to aid in servicing a vehicle. MARTA project to be demonstrated alongside XL1 The MARTA project…

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Metaio develops augmented reality application for Google Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Augmented reality application is a first for Glass Augmented reality firm Metaio has developed the first authentic AR application for Google Glass. While Glass has yet to be officially released, developers all over the world have been creating applications for the platform to prepare for its launch in the near future. Metaio is one of these companies and is keen to take advantage of Glass’ proclivity for augmented reality. The new application from the firm is meant to be a fully hands-free vehicle maintenance manual. App creates a hands-free maintenance…

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McDonald’s launches new augmented reality campaign

McDonald's augmented reality

McDonald’s teams with Metaio to launch augmented reality initiative Fast-food giant McDonald’s has been making an aggressive push into the mobile space. The company has fashioned many of its campaigns to be accommodating to mobile consumers and has even tested NFC-based mobile payments this year. Now, McDonald’s has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has teamed with AR pioneer Metaio to develop a new campaign. This campaign will not be focused on marketing the company’s products, however, as it is meant to raise awareness about the environment. Campaign…

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Audi A3 comes with an augmented reality manual

audi augmented reality manual

Metaio and Audi team up to launch augmented reality manual for A3 Metaio, a leader in the augmented reality field, has teamed with German automaker Audi to produce an interactive manual for the Audi A3. The manual has several augmented reality experiences embedded within its pages, all of which can be accessed through the Audi eKurzinfo application. The application is designed to provide users with a dynamic view of the manual’s contents and could help consumers decipher the information that is contained within the manual itself. AR application can recognize…

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Augmented reality glasses to be show cases by Metaio and Vuzix

augmented reality glasses Vuzix star 1200xld

Metaio and Vuzix team to show off capabilities of augmented reality eyewear Metaio is a leading name in the augmented reality field. The company is considered a pioneer for having developed some of the most advanced augmented reality systems currently available. Metaio has a great deal of hope for augmented reality, and not just because this technology is the company’s business. The company has teamed with Vuzix, a technology company that is developing its own augmented reality glasses. Together, the two companies are expected to show off these augmented reality…

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Augmented reality may have a bright future ahead

Augmented Reality app

Augmented reality could see major adoption in the coming decade Augmented reality is quickly becoming a technology that is pushing the boundaries of marketing, entertainment, and consumer engagement in many industries. The technology has won the favor of consumers because of its interactive nature and its ability to provide these people with dynamic digital content. Businesses have become enthralled with the technology because it represents a d new way to engage tech-savvy consumers. Global Information, a leading publisher of market research, has released several reports concerning the capabilities of augmented…

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Augmented reality market set for aggressive expansion

Augmented Reality apps

TechNavio predicts a promising future for augmented reality Augmented reality is beginning to take off in numerous industries. Many technology companies are working on wearable augmented reality products, while software developers are working augmented reality into new mobile applications for various platforms. Even the game industry has become enamored with augmented reality. TechNavio, a leading market research firm, has released a new study forecasting the future of the global augmented reality market; and the future certainly looks bright for this interactive technology. Study forecasts CAGR of 54.3% from 2012 to…

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Vuzix to show off new products at world renowned events

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix attends insideAR and OARN events Vuzix, a leading designer of high-tech eyewear, has announced that it will be participating in two of the largest augmented reality conferences in the world. The first is insideAR, which will be held in Germany, and the other is the Ontario Augmented Reality Network (OARN), which will take place in Toronto, Canada. Vuzix is keen to show off the work it has been doing in the augmented reality field and is expected to showcase its augmented reality glasses during both events. Products using metaio…

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Augmented reality coming to the pages of The Atlantic

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

Magazine teams with Metaio to bring print to life Famed monthly magazine The Atlantic, has partnered with Metaio, a leading augmented reality developer, to make its future issues more engaging. The magazine is not the first to show interest in the concept of augmented reality. In 2009, Esquire began embedding augmented reality content within its pages. Recently, companies like Virgin Media and others have begun adopting the technology in an effort to engage a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. Augmented reality content can be access through iPhone and Android mobile…

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Junaio augmented reality browser receives a major update

Metaio aims to simplify Junaio app Augmented reality developer Metaio has announced an overhaul for its Junaio augmented reality browser application. Junaio has become a very popular application for those interested in augmented reality. The app is capable of bringing to life a wide array of digital experiences that are hidden in the real world. It can also be used for practical purposes, such as finding directions to local stores and similar information. As augmented reality becomes more popular, Metaio believes that the time has come to make its Junaio…

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