Audi A3 comes with an augmented reality manual

audi augmented reality manual

Metaio and Audi team up to launch augmented reality manual for A3

Metaio, a leader in the augmented reality field, has teamed with German automaker Audi to produce an interactive manual for the Audi A3. The manual has several augmented reality experiences embedded within its pages, all of which can be accessed through the Audi eKurzinfo application. The application is designed to provide users with a dynamic view of the manual’s contents and could help consumers decipher the information that is contained within the manual itself.

AR application can recognize more than 300 individual elements of the A3

The Audi eKurzinfo application is not new, but it has seldom been seen over the past year. The application was used to promote the Audi A1 and has seen limited use by Audi in other endeavors. The application has seen some upgrades recently and is able to recognize more than 300 individual elements of the Audi A3. This allows the application to activate augmented reality content that may be associated with these elements.

AR manual provides digital guidance

The augmented reality manual does more than provide consumers with dynamic content, of course. The manual makes use of augmented reality imagery in order to provide consumers with comprehensive how-to walkthroughs. These walkthroughs can be used by consumers that are interested in performing general maintenance on their Audi A3. In this way, consumers may be able to accomplish modest maintenance tasks without having to take their vehicle to a mechanic.

Augmented reality slowly breaking away from entertainment and marketing

Augmented reality is most commonly used as an advertising tool. The technology has won the favor of many consumers because of its interactive nature and ability to provide these consumers with dynamic content. The technology has been seeing more practical applications in recent years, but remains firmly within the realm of entertainment and marketing. As the capabilities of augmented reality become better understood, the technology is beginning to break away from these boundaries and see more use in other sectors.

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