Metaio develops augmented reality application for Google Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Augmented reality application is a first for Glass

Augmented reality firm Metaio has developed the first authentic AR application for Google Glass. While Glass has yet to be officially released, developers all over the world have been creating applications for the platform to prepare for its launch in the near future. Metaio is one of these companies and is keen to take advantage of Glass’ proclivity for augmented reality. The new application from the firm is meant to be a fully hands-free vehicle maintenance manual.

App creates a hands-free maintenance manual for vehicles

Vehicle manuals are typically ponderous tomes filled with diagrams and terminology that can be difficult for the average person to understand. Because these manuals are somewhat complex, it can be troublesome for a person to perform even modest maintenance on their own vehicles. Metaio believes that augmented reality can help solve this problem by giving vehicle owners access to easy-to-follow guides on certain maintenance procedures.

Google augmented reality glasses qr codesAR system can create content without guidance from physical markers

The application is designed to help identify problems that may exist with a vehicle’s machinations. Once a problem has been identified, the application creates and augmented reality guide, shepherding a user through the maintenance process. The application makes use of the on-board camera that Glass uses for a wide range of its functions, leveraging image recognition technology to create an augmented reality experience. QR codes are often used to create boundaries for certain augmented reality platforms. The codes help identify physical items and provide augmented reality platforms with information concerning physical objects. Metaio has developed AR technology that does not require the use of QR codes, or any other physical marker.

Metaio aims to promote the practicality of augmented reality

The application developed by Metaio is meant to be a proof of concept technology. The company believes that augmented reality can be a powerful tool in the real world and has been working to showcase the capabilities of the technology for several years. Through Google Glass, Metaio expects to show off the practical uses of augmented reality.

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