Moosejaw announces the results of their augmented reality marketing campaign, shows that the technology may be the key to future success

MoosejawXray App

MoosejawXray App
Last month, Moosejaw, a large clothing company and provider of rock climbing gear, launched an augmented reality mobile application for smart phones that tied in with their latest marketing campaign. Using the app, consumers could point the camera of their mobile device at one of the retailer’s magazine ads and initiate an augmented reality experience. In this case, Moosejaw combined the idea of x-ray vision with augmented reality. The app would allow users to see through the clothing worn by models in the magazine ads.

While some have ciricized the campaign for its sometimes provocative content, Moosejaw has released the results of their campaign, showing that it was a success amongst consumers. According to the retailer, the application drove up sales by 37% in November. Furthermore, the company’s website saw a 4% increase in traffic as a direct result from the popularity of the app. In the first five weeks of its existence, Moosejaw’s app was downloaded more than 75,000 times.

Augmented reality in marketing has grown to become a significant force amongst consumers. Companies like Starbucks and Esquire Magazine are utilizing the technology to engage consumers in a new way. Moosejaw believes that the technology can drive brand loyalty as it makes a powerful impression on consumers. In the future, Moosejaw plans to expand its use of the technology to continue reaching out to tech-savvy shoppers that are enamored by augmented reality.

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