Moosejaw outdoor apparel and gear retailer offers mobile payment for purchases

Moosejaw Mobile Payments

Outdoor apparel and gear retailer, Moosejaw, has announced that customers can now make purchases from anywhere within its stores using mobile devices. This has been made possible through the use of Linea-pro, from Infinite Peripherals Inc. (IPC) in combination with the fourth generation devices of Apple iPod Touch in order to provide consumers with quick and convenient options for making purchases. According to the Moosejaw senior vice president of marketing and technology, Eoin Comerford, in a company press release, by using a one-dimensional or 2-dimensional barcode scanner and a magnetic…

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Moosejaw announces the results of their augmented reality marketing campaign, shows that the technology may be the key to future success

MoosejawXray App

Last month, Moosejaw, a large clothing company and provider of rock climbing gear, launched an augmented reality mobile application for smart phones that tied in with their latest marketing campaign. Using the app, consumers could point the camera of their mobile device at one of the retailer’s magazine ads and initiate an augmented reality experience. In this case, Moosejaw combined the idea of x-ray vision with augmented reality. The app would allow users to see through the clothing worn by models in the magazine ads. While some have ciricized the…

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