QR codes generate strong response rates from magazine ads

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

Research shows that the outcomes of those campaigns are better than direct mail. The results of a recent study have shown that QR codes that are included in the ads in print magazines are producing notably better response rates than those seen from more traditional forms of direct mail marketing. This success is generating support for the mobile marketing technique, where some doubt had remained. Throughout the second quarter of 2012, there were more than 2,200 mobile barcodes used in the top American print magazines. This was an increase of…

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Top 100 magazines increased QR code use by 617 percent in 2011

QR Code Statistics

According to a Nellymoser study, the use of QR codes, such as 2D barcodes and Microsoft Tags, skyrocketed by 617 percent between January and December 2011 within the top 100 American magazines. Nellymoser is a mobile technology and marketing company based in Massachusetts and its data indicated that most of the growth of the use of QR codes was driven by advertisers. From the beginning to the end of last year, the number of magazine pages that included these barcodes rose from 3.6 percent to 8.36 percent. This most recent…

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Moosejaw announces the results of their augmented reality marketing campaign, shows that the technology may be the key to future success

MoosejawXray App

Last month, Moosejaw, a large clothing company and provider of rock climbing gear, launched an augmented reality mobile application for smart phones that tied in with their latest marketing campaign. Using the app, consumers could point the camera of their mobile device at one of the retailer’s magazine ads and initiate an augmented reality experience. In this case, Moosejaw combined the idea of x-ray vision with augmented reality. The app would allow users to see through the clothing worn by models in the magazine ads. While some have ciricized the…

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Are QR Codes The Golden Egg for Print Media

Technology has caused declines in newspaper revenues like those of which haven’t been seen in decades. With so many people going mobile and advertisers following suit, printed media has taken a hard hit.  Many people are discussing how much longer newspapers will be around; the consensus isn’t good. However, as technology caused much of the decline; technology is also playing a part in the rejuvenation of the printed word. Business Week, Fortune, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, are just a few of the printed media sources that have had…

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