QR codes and NFC to be supported by Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag qr codes

Microsoft Tag
Microsoft has announced that its mobile barcode service, Microsoft Tag, will be supporting near field communication (NFC) and QR code technologies.

The software giant is hoping that by adding these additional capabilities to its Tag mobile barcode service, it will be able to reduce or even eliminate the current confusion that consumers have regarding the different types of mobile barcodes that are currently available.

According to the general manager of Microsoft Tag, Aaron Getz, Microsoft Tag is offering support for the two most common types of two dimensional mobile barcode – QR codes and Tags – and is adding NFC capabilities in order to help to simplify the barcode and barcode reader marketplace, which has been growing increasingly fragmented.

Getz explained in a blog post that by using this new extension to the service, “brands have the freedom to choose the format most appropriate for their campaigns and give consumers the ease of one reader to use.”

The Microsoft Tag service was first launched in May 2010. Since then, their mobile barcode technology has been offered for free, allowing small businesses and marketers to enhance their interaction with consumers and provide them with more information.

For example, the Tag technology was used by the City of Amsterdam on some of its monuments and landmarks so that tourists could discover more information about them than was physically posted there.

Using the Microsoft Tag is a similar process to scanning a QR code, in that the mobile device uses its phone feature and a reader app to take a picture of the barcode, which will then redirect the user to a mobile website, video, or other resource.

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