World’s largest QR code from Hackerspace Charlotte

QR Code Video

A group of tech-savvy artists from Hackerspace Charlotte, a non-profit group of hobbyists in North Carolina, are attempting to create the world’s largest QR code on the roof of a scrap yard building. The code will be more than 10,000 square feet by the time it is finished and only discernable from the air. Whether a code of this size will actually function is not yet known, but other large-scale QR codes built in the past have been functional. When the code is completed, it will be visible via satellite imagery.

QR codes are quite popular in the world of marketing but they are only beginning to pique the interest of creatives. Several artists have begun making their own QR codes, which has become a practice of precision and detail as simple mistakes can ruin the functionality of the code. Producing a working, hand-made code is quite an accomplishment despite how simple the codes seem to be. Hackerspace’s QR code may not serve any practical purpose, but the project shows that the codes are gaining momentum in the artistic community.

When completed, the code will be linked to the group’s website. Given that the code can only be scanned from high altitude, mobile consumers without access to some form of aircraft will have to wait for high resolution pictures to show up on the Internet before they attempt to scan the code.

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