Canadian charity aims to create the largest giant QR codes

Giant QR Code

Toronto nonprofit, Youth Unlimited hopes to set a Guinness World Record A not for profit in Toronto, Canada, called Youth Unlimited (YU), is hoping to set the world’s largest man made giant QR codes Guinness World Record on Saturday, June 16, 2012. The grassroots faith based charity will create its mobile barcode at the Esther Shiner Stadium. This organization has been in existence for more than 65 years and is geared toward serving the homeless, poor, unemployed, gang-involved, and victims of violence within their community. The proceeds that are generated…

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NoDa rooftop QR code receives Guinness recognition as largest in the world

rooftop qr code

Massive QR Code gets recorded. The Guinness website is now confirming that the enormous QR code located on a NoDa rooftop is now considered to be the largest one in the entire world. This massive scannable two dimensional barcode was created last fall by Hackerspace Charlotte. It is located on the roof of the Southern Resources building in NoDa. Each of the code’s sides extends a tremendous length of 100 feet, and it is now visible from the satellite views provided by Google Maps. The size of the code has…

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Air Fest makes world’s largest QR code in Canada

qr code video1

Last year, two organizations were fighting to break the world record for the largest functioning QR code ever built. Hackerspace Charlotte, an artistic collective focused on digital media, and Skanz, a social networking platform specializing in QR codes, both succeeded in building massive codes. Unfortunately, their efforts may have been for naught, as a new competitor emerged last week and showed off its own gargantuan QR code. Air Fest, a provider of day camps and schools for children in Canada, has taken the title of champion with their staggering creation.…

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Giant QR code from Skanz seeks to break world record while offering scanners a chance to win prizes

Big QR Code

Not to be outdone by Hackerspace Charlotte, a art and technology collective based in North Carolina, popular social networking platform Skanz has attempted to build the world’s largest QR code. Just the other day, the team from Hackerspace finished their 10,000 square foot QR code, which is visible from space via satellite imaging. While Hackerspace finished their project before Skanz, the opposing team is sure they will end up with the record breaking code as well as the most popular one, as their code will not simply link to their…

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World’s largest QR code from Hackerspace Charlotte

QR Code Video

A group of tech-savvy artists from Hackerspace Charlotte, a non-profit group of hobbyists in North Carolina, are attempting to create the world’s largest QR code on the roof of a scrap yard building. The code will be more than 10,000 square feet by the time it is finished and only discernable from the air. Whether a code of this size will actually function is not yet known, but other large-scale QR codes built in the past have been functional. When the code is completed, it will be visible via satellite…

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