NoDa rooftop QR code receives Guinness recognition as largest in the world

rooftop qr code

Massive QR Code gets recorded.

rooftop qr code

The Guinness website is now confirming that the enormous QR code located on a NoDa rooftop is now considered to be the largest one in the entire world.

This massive scannable two dimensional barcode was created last fall by Hackerspace Charlotte. It is located on the roof of the Southern Resources building in NoDa. Each of the code’s sides extends a tremendous length of 100 feet, and it is now visible from the satellite views provided by Google Maps.

The size of the code has been verified by Guinness World Records, which has now announced that it is, indeed, the biggest one anywhere around the globe. To further applaud the team from Hackerspace that designed and painted the record breaking QR code, the Charlotte City Council gave them recognition at their meeting on Monday, April 9, 2012.

Hackerspace Charlotte is a NoDa open technology lab. It gives individuals a place to meet and cooperate with one another toward various interesting projects that they have in the works but that they cannot complete on their own. Members from the Hackerspace group pitched their idea last year to Southern Resources, which agreed to allow them the use of their rooftop for the painting and display of the barcode.

The Guinness website mentions the new record breaking QR code, and explained that it replaced the former world record holder, which was located in Italy and belonged to the Fiera Bolzano Spa. That code’s measurement was 16.81 square meters (whereas, in comparison, the new record holder takes up a much larger 934.62 square meters).

The QR code isn’t simply representative of those two dimensional barcodes that are popping up all over product labels and advertising so that smartphone and tablet owners can scan them and discover more about a product, charity, cause, brand, or anything else. This largest one in the world has been tested through the use of a mobile device and it has been proven to work just the same as one that you’d find on a bus shelter advertisement.

The NoDa QR code is not just Guinness record holding “sky candy” but it is also a working form of mobile marketing.

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