Canadian charity aims to create the largest giant QR codes

Giant QR Code

Giant QR Code

Toronto nonprofit, Youth Unlimited hopes to set a Guinness World Record

A not for profit in Toronto, Canada, called Youth Unlimited (YU), is hoping to set the world’s largest man made giant QR codes Guinness World Record on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

The grassroots faith based charity will create its mobile barcode at the Esther Shiner Stadium.

This organization has been in existence for more than 65 years and is geared toward serving the homeless, poor, unemployed, gang-involved, and victims of violence within their community. The proceeds that are generated from this high tech event will be used to help support the programs offered by the nonprofit, located in the North York area of Toronto. These programs include youth entrepreneurship training, BMX biking, a girls’ art program, basketball, and a day camp in the summertime.

The massive giant QR codes will involve individual people holding black or white tiles overhead.

Once all of the individuals and their tiles are in position, a helicopter will fly overhead to take a picture of the code as well as to give it its first scan. The person or representative from the group or company that raises the most money for the fundraiser will be flying in the helicopter at the time and will scan the giant QR codes for the first time.


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According to the YU North York area director, Scott Moore, “We wanted to do something that would engage people for the sake of the youth in our community.” He went on to explain that the record breaking mobile barcode will be “a fun, engaging and creative event that will highlight the importance of community outreach in our city’s most vulnerable areas.”

The North York area of Toronto has more than 120,000 youths from age 10 through 25 years.

Almost one third of that demographic resides within what YU refers to as “priority neighborhoods”. The event for the giant QR codes is designed be an investment into those at-risk young people so that they will be better able to create a future for themselves. The organization includes 12 workers and many volunteers who are currently running 11 different programs that assist more than 200 young people.

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