QR codes will be placed along the Meriden linear trail

QR Code Maps

The barcodes will be found at the kiosks located on the second phase. The Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee has announced that they will be using QR codes to help to share information in the limited available space along the second phase of its linear trail. This new high tech approach to sharing its research is meant to make the information more easily accessible. The second phase is a stretch of about 1.2 miles. Along that span, there will be four different kiosks that will feature information about the region’s…

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World’s largest QR code from Hackerspace Charlotte

QR Code Video

A group of tech-savvy artists from Hackerspace Charlotte, a non-profit group of hobbyists in North Carolina, are attempting to create the world’s largest QR code on the roof of a scrap yard building. The code will be more than 10,000 square feet by the time it is finished and only discernable from the air. Whether a code of this size will actually function is not yet known, but other large-scale QR codes built in the past have been functional. When the code is completed, it will be visible via satellite…

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Flash mob uses QR codes to promote spur-the-moment art gallery

QR Code Art

Last week, strange postcards began showing up in Portland, Oregon. The cards are tagged with a “Party Arty” slogan as well as a QR code. The code, when scanned with a smart phone, resolves to a mobile website that lists an address, date and time. While it all seems very cryptic, it is, in fact, a campaign sponsored by LynkSnap, a mobile technology company, and 40 artists from around the world. The campaign promotes an improvised art gallery that opened last week. QR codes have become quite popular tools for…

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