Geolocation for QR Codes is a game changer with Solyo

Geolocation for QR Codes introduces a revolutionary QR Code Marketing Platform. makes any product smarter and enables brands of all size to engage richer conversations with their customers, at the right moment of need. Tailored experience for each moment of need In-store, QR codes powered by Solyo, will present pre-sales information such as in-store coupons, product presentation, product authentication or product ratings. By detecting the store where the QR code is scanned, a coupon specific to each store is being presented : One QR code enable hundreds of retailers. At-home, the very…

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10 Innovative Ways of Using Your Smartphone

Amplify Sound

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives that life today without smartphones seems impossible. All day we keep on doing multiple activities on our smartphones like chatting, taking photographs, making a selfie, reading articles or checking our emails. Almost all our daily life activities are connected with smartphones from our friendship on social media networks to the notifications of live news that we receive on our mobile phones. This led most people – who are traditional or conservative in their approach to believing – that mobiles have ruined…

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QR codes are now printed on Nestlé products

Nestle QR codes mobile health

The massive food manufacturer is now adding quick response codes to its packaging. Nestlé has now joined the growing number of major food manufacturers that have recognized that the space available on product packaging is exceptionally limited, and that by adding scannable QR codes, they will be able to share a nearly limitless amount of information with consumers, including everything from extended nutritional data to promotions. These quick response codes are being used to allow smartphone owners to scan using free reader apps. The QR codes that have been added…

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QR codes generate astounding success for rejected Shark Tank pitcher

Shark Tank qr codes Scan

The Sharks on the show may not have seen any reason to invest, but the show still paid off for this startup. Although the pitch made by Garrett Gee, founder of the startup called Scan, may not have successfully gained an investor from the popular reality show, Shark Tank, the QR codes that he displayed on the screen managed to provide the company with an invaluable mobile marketing opportunity that has paid off many times over. Many are saying that in this way, the startup managed to accidentally hack the…

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The QR Code Clues for Colleges

QR Codes in College

With more than 50 percent of Americans carrying smartphones, according to a report by Chetan Sharma Consulting, QR codes AKA Quick Response codes are fast becoming the best way to bridge online and print communications. They are not just a marketing tool. They are a unique communication tool. QR codes are free to generate, and can be printed and displayed almost anywhere, on anything, anytime. They can also quickly and easily disseminate information directly to people who want it, as Marketing Land explains. It’s a nearly perfect medium for colleges…

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