QR code stickers give local museum an affordable tech upgrade

qr code stickers scan

The Williamston Depot Museum is using quick response codes to share more local history. The Williamston Depot Museum in Michigan is using QR code stickers to help share more history stories with its visitors. The quick response codes are scanned with smartphones to open up a wealth of information about the city’s downtown Historical District. The project involves adding QR codes to about 38 buildings so visitors can learn more about their history. Each of the QR code stickers will be unique to the buildings they represent. This provides interested…

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QR codes are becoming more common on fruits and vegetables

QR codes potatoes vegetables

Produce suppliers are beginning to use quick response codes to label their products. According to supermarket expert and founder of SupermarketGuru.com, Phil Lempert, produce suppliers who do not use QR codes are missing a considerable opportunity to communicate with consumers in terms of nutritional data, recipes, contests and promotions, and other areas that could engage shoppers and encourage them to buy. These barcodes have made their way into mainstream packaging for processed foods. This has allowed consumers to use their smartphones in order to allow them to use the internet…

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QR codes face clickjacking security issues

QR codes cyber crime

Cybercriminals are adding stickers over genuine quick response codes to redirect traffic to sketchy sites. QR codes have just started to take off as smartphone and tablet users scan them more frequently, which has meant that those with questionable values have seen this as an opportunity to get their dirty fingers into the mix. Device users are being cautioned to carefully check to make certain the barcodes are authentic. The practice of “clickjacking” is on the grow, and nasty individuals are placing stickers with QR codes over the genuine barcodes…

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QR codes appearing on headstones produced by a Philadelphia business

QR Codes on headstones

These barcodes are joining the memorial trend that allow visitors to discover more about the deceased. Though most users of smartphones first learned about QR codes in the context of marketing, promotional materials, and product packaging so that they could learn about products and discounts, a company in Philadelphia is now taking this technology to the memorial industry. This trend has been popping up all over the United States and in some parts of Europe. The company is called Digital Legacy, and it produces stickers that display QR codes on…

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QR codes from Findables reduce the need for traditional business cards

Device cases for iPhones that display the barcodes make the information scannable. Startup online service, Findables, has just released its latest product, which consists of a smartphone case that features QR codes that can be scanned by other mobile devices in order to obtain a person’s business card information. The company has launched on IndieGoGo with cases for several different device models. These different models include the iPad, the iPhone 4S, and the Samsung Galaxy S III. It also intends to have a case for the iPhone 5 ready, shortly…

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