QR codes to be added to Syracuse University dining halls

QR codes in the food industry

This will allow students to scan the quick response codes in order to learn more about the nutrition of their meals. Syracuse University has now announced the addition of QR codes to its dining halls, which will make it possible for people to scan using smartphones and tablets and gain access to the nutritional information associated with the food items being served. The quick response codes were added earlier in the semester and can be found on every entrée label. The use of the QR codes for this purpose was…

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QR Codes, Big Data and Consumer Backlash

qr codes scan

QR Codes, Big Data and Consumer Backlash There is nowhere to hide. Cameras are everywhere and they are focused on you. As you shop for tighty whities, run that red light, or take out some cash at the ATM, you are being watched. And, yes, Google Earth is tracking your home at this very moment. But you’d be surprised at who else is monitoring your movements–and how. Admittedly, we have become accustomed to anti-theft surveillance equipment keeping tabs on us in retail outlets. After all, shoplifting impacts all of us…

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QR codes at Tesco help consumers to learn more about meat

meat qr codes food

These quick response codes will help shoppers to learn the origin of the products they want to buy. Tesco Lotus has now released a new set of QR codes that have been added to the packs of fresh meat that allows customers to be able to scan them to learn more about the history of the product and trace its origin. This, according to the company’s head of trading law and technical, Pornpen Nartpiriyarat. The system of QR codes at Tesco Lotus will inform consumers about products from the shelves…

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Shopping in 2D: QR Barcodes

QR barcode shopping

A QR (Quick Response) barcode is a type of two-dimensional barcode consisting of black square dots arranged on a white square grid. Much like the one-dimensional, or UPC barcode, a QR barcode is also a machine-readable label that stores information about the item to which it is attached. Unlike the standard UPC barcode, however, the QR code allows for bigger data storage and higher-speed readability. It was first designed in 1994 in Japan for the purposes of tracking vehicles during manufacture. In today’s mobile age, QR barcode scanners are made…

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QR codes undergo unique new enhancements through Trumpia

QR Codes check in

The multi-channel software provider for marketing solutions has launched all new barcode features. Leader in web-based multi-channel marketing and messaging solutions, Trumpia, has announced that its offerings now include enhancements to QR codes in order to provide their customers with more flexibility for their mobile marketing campaigns. Customers will now be able to update and change the content connected to their barcodes. This allows the same QR codes to be usable by customers over time. For example, if the barcode is meant to provide mobile users with access to information…

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