USA TODAY newspapers feature AT&T QR codes

QR Codes in Newspaper

QR Codes in Newspaper
USA TODAY and AT&T are working together to help to provide an enhanced experience for news consumption, which includes printing QR codes onto the pages of the newspaper in order to allow readers to use their smartphones so that they may gain further information relating to the content and the latest news.

Readers of USA TODAY can now use their devices in combination with a QR code scanning app – such as the free AT&T Code Scanner – to be redirected to additional interactive multimedia content. The partnership between the newspaper and telecom companies lets readers enhance their experience by bringing the best of both worlds together; the excitement of the mobile device news experience that is up to date and interactive, with the comfort of reading a traditional printed newspaper.

Over the next few months, these QR codes will continue to be printed into every section of the newspaper. Furthermore, the barcodes will also have a featured spot in the USA TODAY Sports Weekly, in addition to certain additional publications.

According to the USA TODAY executive editor of content distribution and programming, Chet Czarniak, the newspaper is very proud of their ability to include themselves among the first American publications to use the interactive barcodes on a daily basis. He added that they are looking forward to being able to provide an enhancement of the overall experience through the partnership with AT&T.

Czarniak said that “This initiative furthers our goal to bridge digital and print by providing our readers easier access to special features.”

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