NFC Forum members to show off new products at the NRF Annual Convention and Expo this month

NFC Technology

NFC Technology
Members of the NFC Forum, a conglomerate of companies working to establish standards on usage of NFC technology, will be in attendance at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention and Expo event this month in New York City. The long-standing event will attract businesses from all over the world and expose them to new trends emerging in the worlds of marketing, commerce and general business. The NFC Forum plans to unveil new, innovative retail solutions based on NFC technology, hoping to raise awareness of how powerful the technology can be.

INSIDE Secure, a member of the NFC Forum, will introduce a new authentication system at the event. The system will use NFC technology as a way to verify mobile devices and allow them to connect to a network or access information. Kovio Inc., another member of the Forum, will be showing off their new NFC0based mobile solution that is meant to provide businesses with the ability to produce contextual experiences to consumers at point-of-sale. These are just two of the companies representing the NFC Forum that will be revealing innovative products meant to revolutionize the use of NFC technology.

NRF executive director Richard Mader notes that NFC technology is the “backbone of mobile innovation in retail.” The technology has certainly made a name for itself in the retail industry, but consumer participation is still somewhat low due to the lack of NFC-enabled mobile devices currently available to the market.

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