Google Chrome QR code generator is headed to a future browser version

Chrome QR Code Generator - mobile phone - Chrome symbol - QR code

The tech giant has chosen to work quick response codes into an upcoming version of its browser. Google is working on adding a Chrome QR code generator to an upcoming version of the popular browser. The idea is to provide a new and simple way to send websites directly from a desktop or laptop screen onto a mobile device. Using quick response codes makes it possible for a quick scan to send a desktop site to a phone. Typing a URL into a mobile device is an inconvenient task. After…

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QR Code Rangoli: Diwali festival goes digital in 2016

QRC Rangoli Feature Image 1

Diwali or the festival of lights is a popular Indian festival celebrated by the Hindu, Sikh, and Jain communities across the world. Spiritually, it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Homes, offices and streets are decorated with colorful flowers, lights, and lamps. An important aspect of the celebration is Rangoli – a traditional floor art created using colored rice flour, sand, or flower petals. QR Code Rangoli by Scanova Scanova, an India-based company that provides QR Code Generation tools, celebrated Diwali by taking Rangoli one…

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Branded QR codes added to GOQR generator tool

Perspective book series branded QR Codes

The quick response codes are in black and white as well as in color and allow for logo and image incorporation. Branded QR codes are becoming more readily available. They may become the key to overcoming one of the main criticisms of quick response codes: ugliness. Traditionally, they are exclusively black and white pixilated squares. GOQR generator has become the latest QR code creator to incorporate images and logos. The GOQR generator has joined a number of other services that are now allowing for branded QR codes. These can help…

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QR code generator made by hacker functions as airport lounge pass

qr code generator air boarding payments

Everyone who has doubted the security of quick response codes is currently pointing at a sizeable hack. Airports are usually considered to be areas where security levels are quite high, but a hacker recently used a QR code generator to gain access to a fancy airport lounge. The lounges typically require passengers to carry first class tickets. This hacker created spoofed QR codes to dodge the expensive booking. The hack was conducted from within the airport and used a custom Android app created on the spot. Fortunately, the incident was…

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Visualead wins more funding for its visual QR codes

Visualead QR Codes

Company specializing in visual QR codes raises $1.6 million Visualead, pioneer of visual QR codes, has announced that it has raised $1.6 million in Series A funding, led by Kaedan Capital and Entree Capital. The company specializes in producing visual QR codes, which incorporate a picture into the basic structure of quick response codes. Typically, altering the blocky patterns of conventional QR codes leaves them unresponsive. Visualead has, however, found a way to make these codes more visually appealing without sacrificing their functionality. QR codes are becoming more appealing The…

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