Study shows Apple, Amazon, and Dell take the top spots for mobile consumer satisfaction

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce
According to the results of a study performed by ForeSee, mobile shoppers were most satisfied with the experience provided by online retail giants Apple, Amazon, and Dell.

ForeSee accumulated adequate data to achieve a solid and statistically reliable score for mobile satisfaction among the top 16 American online retailers. The score was based on 100 points and compared the mobile experience with that of the traditional web. There was a significant margin between Apple, which had the highest score, and Sears, which had the lowest among the top 16.

Apple’s traditional web experience achieved a score of 83, while its mobile experience topped it at 85 points. Right behind it was Amazon, with a web experience score of 88, and a mobile experience score of 84 points. In third place, Dell had a traditional web experience that earned 80 points, while its mobile experience was 78 points. Comparatively, the Sears traditional web experience was given a score of 75 points and its mobile experience received 71 points.

The research indicated that consumers typically prefer the experience of traditional websites to that which is currently available from their mobile alternatives. On average, the score for the conventional web experience among the top 16 companies was 79 points, compared to a score of 76 for the mobile experience at the same business.

There were a few companies, though, that beat their traditional web score with their mobile experience. Apple’s mobile score was to points higher than that of its traditional web score. Staples, Toys R Us, Dell, Best Buy, Blockbuster and Netflix all saw a similar circumstance.

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