Growth of mobile commerce is 4 times greater than online shopping

mobile commerce shopping

The results of recent research have shown that people are shopping on their devices at a rapidly growing rate. According to PayPal and Ipsos research that focused on online shopping spending, mobile commerce is growing at a rate that is almost four times faster than the rate of online spending as a whole. The study involves an analysis of data as far back as 2013 and a prediction into the future to 2016. The average compound annual growth rate for mobile commerce spending in the United Kingdom from 2013 to…

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Mobile Device Usage to Outpace Computer Usage

You may be reading this post on a desktop or laptop computer right now but if you decide to read it again in a year, chances are good you’ll be scrolling through on a smartphone or tablet. That is if you’re not already reading this on your phone. Around the globe mobile, devices are poised to overtake traditional computers – not only in sales but also in terms of how we use them. Convenience is only one factor. When you consider both the decreasing prices and the ever-increasing options in…

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Mobile commerce is more active among tablet users than those with smartphones

Tablet Commerce

Shoppers behave differently when making their holiday purchases, depending on their devices. According to a report from the National Retail Federation, which discussed the role of mobile commerce in this year’s holiday shopping season, although the increase in sales is expected to reach 4.1 percent over last year at the same time, it is believed that smartphones and tablets will represent a larger part of the buying marketplace than it has in the past. The research also showed that 30 percent of tablet owners would be using their devices to…

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QR codes and NFC tested by Kraft in mobile commerce trials

QR Codes vs NFC

The food giant has been piloting a number of mcommerce and marketing programs. Kraft Foods has declared its intentions to further its understanding of the mcommerce environment and has been running consumer research trials using QR codes as well as NFC in order to determine whether either of them will be helpful or appealing with their mobile shoppers. The research was performed in five grocery stores within the San Francisco area. It used both QR codes and NFC in order to see how consumers would respond to the ability to…

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Mcommerce research from September shows a growth in its market share

Mobile commerce Trends

Almost 10 percent of all online purchases that month came from mobile devices. The latest mcommerce statistics have now been released by Affiliate Window, regarding the size of the market share represented by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This recent report has identified a number of different statistics about the place of mobile in the market. The most recent figures are focused on the purchasing habits of online shoppers throughout September of this year. They are meant to assist brands and marketers in better understanding the trends and the…

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